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Gitssue 1.1.0

Manage your issues from the command line.


Manage your issues from the command line.

Built on Cement Framework.



  • Authentication.
  • List the issues (also closed ones, if specified).
  • Get issues descriptions.
  • Get comment thread of the issue.
  • Show tags of each issue, with its colors!


  • Just for repositories hosted on GitHub.
  • No “write” operations (i.e. make a comment, open or close issues, etc.).


Just with pip3:

pip3 install gitssue

That’s it! You can already execute gitssue in your shell.


This is optional, just if you want to use authentication (necessary for private repositories).

Take a look to the .gitssuerc.example file, and follow these steps:

  • Change the values of the example file with the real ones.
  • Rename it to .gitssuerc.
  • Place it in your home directory (~/.gitssuerc), or in /etc/. If a config file exists in both directories, the one of the home directory will be the one used.
  • Check the permissions! The config file stores your credentials, so you will probably want to have permissions like 500 (read and write permissions for the owner, and no permissions for any other) or similar.

Upcoming features

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
Gitssue-1.1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-05-27 11KB