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Gluttony 0.8

A tool for find dependencies relationships between Python packages


Gluttony is a tool for finding dependencies relationship of a Python package.


To install Gluttony

pip install Gluttony


To understand the available optons of Gluttony, you can type:

gluttony --help

Drawing Graph

To figure out the dependencies relationship of a Python package, here you can type (the diagram will be displayed by matplotlib, you need to install it before you can use –display-graph option)

gluttony <package name> --display-graph

For example, you would like to know the dependency relationships of Sprox, then you can type:

gluttony sprox --display-graph

The result might looks like this:

Another example example: you want to understand the dependencies relationship of TurboGears2, here we type

gluttony -i tg.devtools --display-graph

The result:

Oops, the graph is a little bit messy. Currently, the layout of graph is not handled properly. However, it’s not a big deal, you can output the graph as dot or JSON format file for further processing.

Output Graphviz File

To draw the diagram with Graphviz, you can output that dot format like this

gluttony sprox --pydot

Then you can use Graphviz for drawing beautiful graph. Like this one:

Another huge example:

Output JSON File

If you want to get the raw relationship data in Python, this tool also provides a JSON output format. For example:

gluttony pyramid --json=pyramid.json

Then you can use json.load to load it into Python for further processing.


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