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GoDaddyPy 2.2.5

A very simple python client used to update the IP address in A records for GoDaddy managed domains.


Python library useful for updating DNS settings through the GoDaddy v1 API.

Source located @

This concept was spawned from observerss’ pygodaddy @


First, go to and request a production API key and secret.

Note: Sometimes the production API keys don’t seem to work correctly. Just delete it and request another one.

Second, install GoDaddyPy with pip.

$ pip install godaddypy


>>> from godaddypy import Client, Account
>>> my_acct = Account(api_key='PUBLIC_KEY', api_secret='SECRET_KEY')
>>> delegate_acct = Account(api_key='PUBLIC_KEY', api_secret='SECRET_KEY', delegate='DELEGATE_ID')
>>> client = Client(my_acct)
>>> delegate_client = Client(delegate_acct)
>>> client.get_domains()
['domain1.example', 'domain2.example']
>>> client.get_records('domain1.example', record_type='A')
[{'name': 'dynamic', 'ttl': 3600, 'data': '', 'type': 'A'}]
>>> client.update_ip('', domains=['domain1.example'])
>>> client.get_records('domain1.example')
[{'name': 'dynamic', 'ttl': 3600, 'data': '', 'type': 'A'}, {'name': 'dynamic', 'ttl': 3600, 'data': '::1',
'type': 'AAAA'},]
>>> client.get_records('', record_type='A', name='@')
[{u'data': u'', u'type': u'A', u'name': u'@', u'ttl': 3600}]
>>> client.update_record_ip('', 'domain1.example', 'dynamic', 'A')
>>> client.add_record('', {'data':'','name':'test','ttl':3600, 'type':'A'})
>>> client.delete_records('', name='test')
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