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GrabLib 0.03.02

Utility for defining then downloading, concatenating and minifying your project's external library files

Latest Version: 0.05

Copyright (C) 2013-2014 Samuel Colvin

Python tool and library for downloading, concatenating and minifying library files (eg. Javascript and CSS) so they don’t clog up your repo.

Definition files can either be JSON or Python (see /examples). So the versions of libraries used in your project can be defined in version control without the need to keep files from external projects in your repo.

The formats define the sames things, the following values can be set:

  • libs: a dictionary of files to download and locations to put them, zip files may also be defined with multiple files extracted to different locations. If not specified nothing is downloaded.
  • slim: Dictionary defining which files to concatenate and optionally minify using slimit. See examples for details.
  • libs_root: Root directory to put downloaded files in, defaults to the working directory.
  • libs_root_slim: Root directory to put slimmed files in, defaults to libs_root.
  • verbosity: Level 0 (nothing except errors), 1 (a little), 2 (default), 3 (everything).
  • overwrite: bool, whether or not to overwrite files that already exist, default is not to download existing.
  • file_permissions: Explicitly set files’ permissions.
  • sites: Dictionary of site names to generate urls to avoid repeating lots of times.

All options settings (except sites) can also be overwritten at the command line, in python format or using the API a special output function may also be defined.

Package available on pip, source available on github.

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GrabLib-0.03.02.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-05-12 6KB
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