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Hey 0.1.0

Latest Version: 0.1.2

"Hey" is a terminal assistant for helping to make the use of terminal easier for everyone, and more fun. Below are examples of every possible command within "Hey".

"Hey" understands English, with the use of regular expressions and keyword searching you can use dynamic commands.


./hey can you please download for me?
./hey download
./hey if would be great if you could download and name it google.html thanks!
./hey download as google.txt


./hey can you compress file.txt to
./hey compress folder/ as
./hey decompress folder.tar


./hey rename file.txt to file1.txt
./hey rename folder to folder2


./hey I need to check my email, go to
./hey go
./hey go to /r/Python


./hey tell me a joke


./hey push everything to github with the message "First commit"
./hey push this, this, this, that to github "Second commit"


./hey update ubuntu
./hey update centos
./hey update debian


./hey google "How awesome is Python?" for me, thanks.
./hey Would you mind googling "How far is it from here to the sun?" Thanks!


./hey get me directions from "12 hover street, Foovil, PA 32313," to "14 mander street, Barlen, PA 32141"


./hey copy a.txt to ~/b.txt


./hey find me a bar
./hey find me a sushi place
./hey find me a gym
./hey find me a club in San Francisco CA
./hey find me a resturant near Helena MT
./hey find file "Python.c"
./hey find file containing "Password"


./hey what time is it
./hey what is the date
./hey what year is it
./hey what month is it
./hey what day is it
./hey what is my name
./hey what is my operating system
./hey what is my ip
./hey what version are you
./hey what directory am I in  
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