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The International Land Model Benchmarking Package

The International Land Model Benchmarking (ILAMB) project is a model-data intercomparison and integration project designed to improve the performance of land models and, in parallel, improve the design of new measurement campaigns to reduce uncertainties associated with key land surface processes. Building upon past model evaluation studies, the goals of ILAMB are to:

  • develop internationally accepted benchmarks for land model performance, promote the use of these benchmarks by the international community for model intercomparison,
  • strengthen linkages between experimental, remote sensing, and climate modeling communities in the design of new model tests and new measurement programs, and
  • support the design and development of a new, open source, benchmarking software system for use by the international community.

It is the last of these goals to which this repository is concerned. We have developed a python-based generic benchmarking system, initially focused on assessing land model performance.

ILAMB 2.1 Release

We are pleased to announce version 2.1 of the ILAMB python package, with the following new features:

  • Revamped treatment of relationships. Relationship plots now also include a difference plot of the distributions as well as a representation of the mean relationship function. We have moved the relationships to their own tab in the dataset HTML pages and given them their own scores. The first is based on the Hellinger distance, which quantifies the difference between the model and data distributions. The second is a RMSE score used to quantify the similarity of the model and observation mean relationship curves. This revamp also removed unneeded recomputation, speeding up the entire ILAMB run by 25%.
  • Logfiles are now generated when ILAMB is run. They contain more information about the python packages used, the amount of time spent on each process, and more debugging information when errors are encountered. Look for files with the .log suffix in the _build directory after ILAMB is run.
  • We have removed demo/ and added an executable version ilamb-run. When you install the ILAMB package, this new script will be added to your bin directory. This allows you to run the ILAMB package anywhere without needing to copy the driver. Thanks to Mark Piper for this contribution.
  • We have added an option to the ilamb-run script which allows users to shift the time representation in the model results. This is helpful during model development to compare model results to the ILAMB suite without needing to fully spin up the model. The option syntax is --model_year y0 yf which will make the year y0 in the models equal to yf, shifting all times by yf-y0 years.
  • The ILAMB.Variable object now has support for layered data, including a new member function integrateInDepth.
  • Improved calendar conversion capability, enabling the use of models with calendars other than noleap.
  • All plots now color land areas in a light grey, and oceans with a darker grey. Plots over the globe will be in the Robinson projection for both globally gridded data as well as sites. Regional plots now mask out areas not in the region and will be in the cylindrical projection.
  • ILAMB is now listed in the Python Package Index and can now be installed using pip. The installation tutorial has been rewritten to reflect this change as well as adapted based on user feedback to be more helpful.
  • Numerous bugfixes, many cosmetic, but a few substantive fixes include:
    • Moved to using the with statement for handling the opening of files. This ensures that files always close, even when errors are thrown.
    • Fixed a bug which caused intermittent inconsistencies when running in parallel. This would cause the scores for some models/variables to appear as Nans, despite the fact that the analysis was run.
    • Fixed a bug relating to the computation of RMSE scores. Scores were too low relative to ILAMB v1 because the wrong normalizer was being used. Thanks to Alberto Martinez-de la Torre for this patch.
    • Fixed code which triggers depracation warnings from numpy and matplotlib.

Useful Information

  • Documentation of the public API is included in the repository, but also hosted if you follow the link.
  • Sample output gives you an idea of the scope and magnitude of the package capabilities.
  • You may cite the software package by using the following reference (DOI:10.18139/ILAMB.v002.00/1251621).


This research was performed for the Biogeochemistry–Climate Feedbacks Scientific Focus Area, which is sponsored by the Regional and Global Climate Modeling (RGCM) Program in the Climate and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD) of the Biological and Environmental Research (BER) Program in the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science.

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