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ISPManCCP 0.0.1alpha3.1

Customer Control Panel for ISPMan

ISPManCCP is a customer control panel to use with ISPMan.

It’s the alternative to the deprecated customer control panel included with ISPMan.

Current features

Disallow changes by Locked domains.

Change Domain Password:

  • Enforce passwords with a minimum six char’s length(configurable);
  • Enforce at least two numbers in the password(configurable);
  • Make sure a user is not using a word from a dictionary(words file can be setup, for example, the cracklib file);

Edit User Accounts:

  • No remote mail aliases are allowed, ie, only aliases for the same domain;
  • Email forwards are checked for valid DNS MX records;
  • No underscores nor numbers are allowed for first and last names;
  • Change mail quota;
  • Change FTP quota and status;

Delete User Accounts.

Create User Accounts:

  • Makes sure a domain can create any more accounts;
  • Security restrictions are about the same as the imposed above.

Note: Mailgroup’s support is not available on this release, probably next one.

Download and Installation

The one thing ISPManCCP can’t do for you is install python-ldap and pyDNS, but most distributions can provide that for you.

NOTE: If you choose not to install pyDNS, the only that will happen is that email forwarding addresses will not be checked for a valid DNS MX record. python-ldap on the other hand is required and will make setup fail if not present on your system.

After python-ldap and pyDNS is installed, ISPManCCP can then be installed with Easy Install by typing:

> easy_install ISPManCCP

ISPManCCP setup is not fully done yet, for more specific install instructions please read this.

You can find more info on the ISPManCCP site where bugs and new feature requests should go to.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
ISPManCCP-0.0.1alpha3.1.tar.bz2 (md5) Source 2007-01-13 126KB (md5) Source 2007-01-13 202KB