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IVisual 0.1.3

VPython visual inline for IPython Notebook

Latest Version: 0.2.88

IVisual provides VPython visual API for inline use in an IPython Notebook. You might find it most useful for performing 3D visualizations of VPython visual simulations that can be viewed inline in an IPython Notebook. Typical usage often looks like this:

Start an IPython Notebook

from ivisual import *

s = sphere()

The above will produce an interactive 3D window containing a sphere.

A Section

Lists look like this:

  • First
  • Second. Can be multiple lines but must be indented properly.

A Sub-Section

Numbered lists look like you’d expect:

  1. hi there
  2. must be going

Urls are http://like.this and links can be written like this.

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