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IpCamPy 0.2.1

Easily control ip cameras. Comes with built in utilities to make a simple surveillance system.

Latest Version: 0.3.0

This package let you control supported ip cameras from your python app with ease.

Batteries are included so you can make a DIY surveillance system in a snap, see A Raspberry Pi surveillance system

Package is written with easy extendibility in mind, pull requests that add new cams or fix issues are welcome, encouraged, and credited.


A Raspberry Pi surveillance system

Login to your Pi and get the code from the cheese shop:

$ pip install ipcampy

Define a configuraton file of your cams in json. For example, save these lines in cam.conf:

{"address":"", "user":"admin", "pswd":"xxyyzz", "port":"8010", "type":"foscam" "name":"Garden"}
{"address":"", "user":"admin", "pswd":"xxyyzz", "port":"8010", "type":"foscam", "name":"Gate"}

Start to get a snapshot from all defined camera every 10 seconds running:

$ campatrol -d ~/cam.conf -p xxx

This even start a webpanel that can be accessed from any browser using this address with username watcher and password xxx:


Use chrome or firefox on smartphones and tablets to watch live streams.

Snapshots are stored in /tmp for default but a different path can be specified with -s option.

Supported cameras

Defines wich type to use in json configuration “type” key.


  • FI8908W and clones, set "type": "foscam". May works on similar cams from same family too.

Please report camera working status opening an issue.


This package is in early development. Things could work or maybe not. APIs can quickly change.

To get the latest code clone the github’s repository instead of using pip:

$ git clone


All trademarks, copyrights and other forms of intellectual property belong to their respective owners.

The author is not affiliated with any cam vendor cited above.

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