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A Python to Java bridge.

Latest Version: 0.6.2


JPype is an effort to allow python programs full access to java class libraries.

Find the documentation at Read the Docs. Current development is done in the github project. The work on this project began on Sourceforge.


This changelog only contains changes from the first pypi release ( onwards.

  • Fix: array setter memory leak (ISSUE: #64)

  • Fix: now runs under MacOSX with Python 2.6 (referred to missing subprocess function)


Note that this release is not compatible with Python 2.5 anymore!

  • Added AHL changes
    • replaced Python set type usage with new 2.6.x and higher
    • fixed broken Python slicing semantics on JArray objects
    • fixed a memory leak in the JVM when passing Python lists to JArray constructors
    • prevent ctrl+c seg faulting
    • corrected new[]/delete pairs to stop valgrind complaining
    • ship basic PyMemoryView implementation (based on numpy’s) for Python 2.6 compatibility
  • Fast sliced access for primitive datatype arrays (factor of 10)
  • Use setter for Java bean property assignment even if not having a getter by @baztian
  • Fix public methods not being accessible if a Java bean property with the same name exists by @baztian (Warning: In rare cases this change is incompatibile to previous releases. If you are accessing a bean property without using the get/set method and the bean has a public method with the property’s name you have to change the code to use the get/set methods.)
  • Make jpype.JException catch exceptions from subclasses by @baztian
  • Make more complex overloaded Java methods accessible (fixes by @baztian and anonymous
  • Some minor improvements inferring unnecessary copies in extension code
  • Some JNI cleanups related to memory
  • Fix memory leak in array setters
  • Fix memory leak in typemanager
  • Add userguide from sourceforge project by @baztian (2013-08-25 12:12)

  • Added support for OSX 10.9 Mavericks by @rmangino (#16) (2013-08-10 19:30)

  • Rewritten Java Home directory Search by @marsam (#13, #12 and #7)
  • Stylistic cleanups of (2013-07-27 14:00)

Initial pypi release with most fixes for easier installation


The original author: Steve Menard

Current Maintainer: Luis Nell

Huge thanks to these CONTRIBUTORS:

  • lazerscience
  • Koblaid
  • Michael Willis (michaelwillis)
  • awesomescot
  • Joe Quant (joequant)
  • Mario Rodas
  • David Moss
  • Stepan Kolesnik
  • Philip Smith
  • Bastian Bowe
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