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Klout 0.1.3

Minimalist Klout API interface.

Package Documentation

Klout API

A minimalist klout API interface. Use of this API requires klout developer key. You can get registered and get a key at


Complete documentation is available at:


Design Philosoph

See Design Philosophy


Install the PyPi package:

pip install Klout

This short example shows how to get a kloutId first and fetch user’s score using that kloutId:

from klout import *

# Make the Klout object
k = Klout('YOUR_KEY_HERE')

# Get kloutId of the user by inputting a twitter screenName
kloutId = k.identity.klout(screenName="erfaan").get('id')

# Get klout score of the user
score = k.user.score(kloutId=kloutId).get('score')

print "User's klout score is: %s" % (score)

# By default all communication is not secure (HTTP). An optional secure parameter
# can be sepcified for secure (HTTPS) communication
k = Klout('YOUR_KEY_HERE', secure=True)

# Optionally a timeout parameter (seconds) can also be sent with all calls
score = k.user.score(kloutId=kloutId, timeout=5).get('score')


MIT License. See LICENSE.txt Copyright (c) 2012 Irfan Ahmad

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