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L1L2Py 2.0.0a

L1L2Py is a Python package to perform variable selection by meansof l1l2 regularization with double optimization.


**l1l2py** makes use of NumPy <http:""> to provide fast
N-dimensional array manipulation and is the Python implementation of the
method proposed and applied in [DeMol09]_.

**l1l2py** is a project of the SlipGURU - Statistical Learning and Image Processing
Genoa University Research Group - Via Dodecaneso, 35 - 16146 Genova, ITALY

**l1l2py** is free software. It is licensed under the GNU General Public
License (GPL) version 3 <http:"" licenses="" gpl.html="">.

[DeMol09] C. De Mol, S. Mosci, M. Traskine, A. Verri,
"A Regularized Method for Selecting Nested Group of Genes from
Microarray Data"
Journal of Computational Biology, vol. 16, pp. 677-690, 2009.  
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