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Lemon 0.6.2

A collection of some must have Django apps

Latest Version: 0.8.2


Lemon is a collection of some must have Django apps (at least at our company):

  • lemon.metatags: control meta tags (title, keywords, description) of every page;
  • lemon.sitemaps: like django.cotrib.sitemaps, but more powerful;
  • lemon.robots: edit robots.txt from admin.
  • lemon.pages: multilingual django.contrib.flatpages.
  • lemon.publications: some usefull tools to create publications-like apps faster (news, articles, etc.).

Also Lemon has:

  • lemon.extradmin: extended django.contrib.admin (in early development);
  • lemon.filebrowser: fork of Patrick Kranzlmueller’s django-filebrowser;
  • lemon.dashboard: dashboard for our admin (also in early development).

If you like it, feel free to fork, send pull requests or report bugs and issues on github.



  • Fix sitemap.xml data format


  • Update jQuery and jQuery UI in extradmin app
  • Update doctype in admin templates
  • Fix form tabs in extradmin app
  • Fix change form view in ModelAdmin from extradmin app
  • Fields from Publication models are added to admin change list through get_list_display method now
  • Admin markup widget and fields can be changed for request now
  • Update ModelAdmin code in extradmin app from Django 1.4


  • Update required Django version to 1.4


  • Fix sync_sitemap and sync_metatags commands


  • Add SearchIndex for pages.Page


  • Make inline admin class used in MetatagsSite cutomizable


  • Update logos
  • Fix app titles in app dashboard widget


  • Fix handling of the _db attribute on the PublicationManager in get_query_set
  • Fix robots.txt template


  • First public release!
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
Lemon-0.6.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-08-08 228KB