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MAGPlus 0.2.2

Retrieving latest Minecraft versions.

MinecraftAssetsGetterPlus is a script that parses the XML of to find the most recent version of vanilla Minecraft, either the latest stable or prerelease version. It is a fork of

Usage often looks like this:

from magplus.magplus import MinecraftAssetsGetter

mag = MinecraftAssetsGetter()
print "Latest Prerelease Client: ", mag.getLatestClient(stable=False)
print "Latest Stable Client: ", mag.getLatestClient()
print "Latest Prerelease Server: ", mag.getLatestVanillaServer(stable=False)
print "Latest Stable Server: ", mag.getLatestVanillaServer()
print "Previous Prerelease Server: ", mag.getVanillaServer(stable=False, versions_old=1)
print "Previous Stable Server: ", mag.getVanillaServer(versions_old=1)
print "Latest Bukkit Recommended Server: ", mag.getLatestBukkitServer()
print "Latest Bukkit Beta Server: ", mag.getLatestBukkitServer(stable=False)
print "Previous Bukkit Recommended Server: ", mag.getBukkitServer(versions_old=1)
print "Previous Bukkit Beta Server: ", mag.getBukkitServer(stable=False, versions_old=1)
print "Vanilla Version List: ", mag.getVanillaVersionList(stable=False)
print "Bukkit Stable Version List: ", mag.getBukkitVersionList(stable=True)
print "Bukkit Unstable Version List: ", mag.getBukkitVersionList(stable=False)
print "Newer Unstable Vanilla Version? Yes: ", mag.getNewerVanillaVersion('12w22a', False)
print "Newer Stable Vanilla Version? Yes: ", mag.getNewerVanillaVersion('1_2', True)
print "Newer Stable Vanilla Version? No. ", mag.getNewerVanillaVersion('1_2_5', True)
print "Newer Unstable Bukkit Version? Yes: ", mag.getNewerBukkitVersion('1.2.3-R0.1', False)
print "Newer Stable Bukkit Version? Yes: ", mag.getNewerBukkitVersion('1.1-R1', True)
print "Newer Stable Bukkit Version? No. ", mag.getNewerBukkitVersion('1.2.5-R4.0', True)


  • Make getBukkitVersionList() less fragile. It works now, but who knows for how long.


0.2.2, 07/18/2012 – When passing None to getNewerVersion(), a link was returned instead of a build_dict.

0.2.1, 07/17/2012 – Accept None for getNewerBukkitVersion() and getNewerVanillaVersion(), returns latest version.

0.2.0, 07/17/2012 – Standardized the versions API (both vanilla and bukkit return lists of dicts). Added getNewerBukkitVersion() and getNewerVanillaVersion() to assist in updating.

0.1.3, 07/15/2012 – Making tests a real module. Made minor error corrections because of the test suite.

0.1.2, 07/15/2012 – Fixed ordering issues that were returning the wrong versions.

0.1.1, 07/15/2012 – Testing addition of Bukkit version listing. Added new functions for Bukkit. Requires BeautifulSoup4 now.

0.1.0, 07/14/2012 – Fixed minor bugs with packaging. Some files were not being included.

0.0.9, 07/14/2012 – Initial release.


This project is released under the GPLv2.


Thanks to Knoppo for writing the original version.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
MAGPlus-0.2.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-07-18 16KB