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Menu 3.1.0

Easily create command-line menus

# Menu

Easily create command-line menus.


pip install Menu

Create the Menu

The Menu constructor arguments are all optional. The arguments are options, title, message, prompt, and refresh. Options is a list of tuples consisting of a name and a handler. Refresh is a handler called before showing the menu.

Menu() # empty menu, will close upon opening
Menu(options=[("Option Name", optionHandler)]) # customize the options
Menu(title="Menu title") # customize the title
Menu(message="Message text") # customize the message, disabled by default
Menu(prompt=">") # customize the user input prompt
Menu(refresh=refreshHandler) # customize the refresh handler

Open the Menu

menu = Menu()

Close the Menu
from the instance after creating the menu

menu = Menu()

or use the static method before creating the menu

Menu(options = [("Close", Menu.CLOSE)])

Edit the menu

menu = Menu()
menu.set_options([("new option name", newOptionHandler)])
menu.set_title("new title")
menu.set_message("new message")
menu.set_prompt("new prompt")

Create a Submenu

main = Menu(title = "Main Menu")
sub = Menu(title = "Submenu")
("Open submenu",,
("Close main menu", main.close)
("Return to main menu", sub.close)
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