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Mezzanine 4.0.1

An open source content management platform built using the Django framework.

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Created by `Stephen McDonald <http:"" stephen_mcd="">`_


Mezzanine is a powerful, consistent, and flexible content management
platform. Built using the `Django`_ framework, Mezzanine provides a
simple yet highly extensible architecture that encourages diving in
and hacking on the code. Mezzanine is `BSD licensed`_ and supported by
a diverse and active community.

In some ways, Mezzanine resembles tools such as `Wordpress`_ that
provide an intuitive interface for managing pages, blog posts, form
data, store products, and other types of content. But Mezzanine is
also different. Unlike many other platforms that make extensive use of
modules or reusable applications, Mezzanine provides most of its
functionality by default. This approach yields a more integrated and
efficient platform.

Visit the `Mezzanine project page`_ to see some of the `great sites
people have built using Mezzanine`_.


In addition to the usual features provided by Django such as MVC
architecture, ORM, templating, caching and an automatic admin
interface, Mezzanine provides the following:

* Hierarchical page navigation
* Save as draft and preview on site
* Scheduled publishing
* Drag-and-drop page ordering
* WYSIWYG editing
* `In-line page editing`_
* Drag-and-drop HTML5 forms builder with CSV export
* SEO friendly URLs and meta data
* Shopping cart module (`Cartridge`_)
* Configurable `dashboard`_ widgets
* Blog engine
* Tagging
* `Free Themes`_, and a `Premium Themes`_ Marketplace
* User accounts and profiles with email verification
* Translated to over 35 languages
* Sharing via Facebook or Twitter
* `Multi-lingual sites`_
* `Custom templates`_ per page or blog post
* `Twitter Bootstrap`_ integration
* API for `custom content types`_
* `Search engine and API`_
* Seamless integration with third-party Django apps
* Multi-device detection and template handling
* One step migration from other blogging engines
* Automated production provisioning and deployments
* `Disqus`_ integration, or built-in threaded comments
* `Gravatar`_ integration
* `Google Analytics`_ integration
* `Twitter`_ feed integration
* ``_ integration
* `Akismet`_ spam filtering
* Built-in `test suite`_
* `JVM`_ compatible (via `Jython`_)

The Mezzanine admin dashboard:

.. image::


Mezzanine makes use of as few libraries as possible (apart from a
standard Django environment), with the following dependencies:

* `Python`_ 2.7 to 3.3
* `Django`_ 1.7 to 1.8
* `Pillow`_ - for image resizing (`Python Imaging Library`_ fork)
* `grappelli-safe`_ - admin skin (`Grappelli`_ fork)
* `filebrowser-safe`_ - for managing file uploads (`FileBrowser`_ fork)
* `bleach`_ and `BeautifulSoup`_ - for sanitizing markup in content
* `pytz`_ and `tzlocal`_ - for timezone support
* `chardet`_ - for supporting arbitrary encoding in file uploads
* `django-modeltranslation`_ - for multi-lingual content (optional)
* `django-compressor`_ - for merging JS/CSS assets (optional)
* `requests`_ and `requests_oauthlib`_ - for interacting with external APIs
* `pyflakes`_ and `pep8`_ - for running the test suite (optional)

Users on Debian or Ubuntu will require some system packages to support
the imaging library::

$ apt-get install libjpeg8 libjpeg8-dev
$ apt-get build-dep python-imaging

OSX users can do the same via `Homebrew`_::

$ brew install libjpeg


A handful of attractive `Free Themes`_ are available thanks to
`@abhinavsohani`_, while there is also a marketplace for buying and
selling `Premium Themes`_ thanks to `@joshcartme`_.

Browser Support

Mezzanine's admin interface works with all modern browsers.
Internet Explorer 7 and earlier are generally unsupported.


The easiest method is to install directly from pypi using `pip`_ by
running the command below, which will also install the required
dependencies mentioned above::

$ pip install mezzanine

If you prefer, you can download Mezzanine and install it directly from

$ python install

Once installed, the command ``mezzanine-project`` can be used to
create a new Mezzanine project in similar fashion to

$ mezzanine-project project_name
$ cd project_name
$ python createdb --noinput
$ python runserver

.. note::

The ``createdb`` command is a shortcut for using Django's
``migrate`` command, which will also install some demo content,
such as a contact form, image gallery, andmore. If you'd like to
omit this step, use the ``--nodata`` option with ``createdb``.

You should then be able to browse to and
log in using the default account (``username: admin, password:
default``). If you'd like to specify a different username and password
during set up, simply exclude the ``--noinput`` option included above
when running ``createdb``.

For information on how to add Mezzanine to an existing Django project,
see the FAQ section of the documentation.


Mezzanine is an open source project managed using both the Git and
Mercurial version control systems. These repositories are hosted on
both `GitHub`_ and `Bitbucket`_ respectively, so contributing is as
easy as forking the project on either of these sites and committing
back your enhancements.

Please note the following guidelines for contributing:

* Contributed code must be written in the existing style. For Python
(and to a decent extent, JavaScript as well), this is as simple as
following the `Django coding style`_ and (most importantly)
`PEP 8`_. Front-end CSS should adhere to the
`Bootstrap CSS guidelines`_.
* Contributions must be available on a separately named branch
based on the latest version of the main branch.
* Run the tests before committing your changes. If your changes
cause the tests to break, they won't be accepted.
* If you are adding new functionality, you must include basic tests
and documentation.

Here's a quick start to hacking on Mezzanine after forking it on
GitHub, by using the internal "project_template" as your current

$ git clone
$ cd mezzanine
$ git checkout -b your-new-branch-name
$ cp mezzanine/project_template/project_name/{.template,}
$ python develop
$ python mezzanine/project_template/ createdb --noinput
$ python mezzanine/project_template/ runserver

"hack hack hack"

$ python test
$ git commit -am "A message describing what you changed."
$ git push origin your-new-branch-name

Multi-Lingual Sites

Mezzanine makes full use of translation strings, which allows
Mezzanine's interface and templates to be translated into multiple
languages using `Django's internationalization`_ support. New
translations can be contributed via `GitHub`_ or `Bitbucket`_. Consult
the documentation for `Django's internationalization`_ support for more
information on creating translations and using them.

More importantly, Mezzanine also provides optional integration with
`django-modeltranslation`_, allowing for all user generated content to
be translated into multiple langagues to create multi-lingual sites.
Consult Mezzanine's documentation on `Multi-lingual sites`_ for more

Third-Party Plug-Ins

The following plug-ins have been developed outside of Mezzanine. If you
have developed a plug-in to integrate with Mezzanine and would like to
list it here, send an email to the `mezzanine-users`_ mailing list, or
better yet, fork the project and create a pull request with your
plug-in added to the list below. We also ask that you add it to the
`Mezzanine Grid on`_.

* `Cartridge`_ - ecommerce for Mezzanine.
* `Drum`_ - A `Hacker News`_ / `Reddit`_ clone powered by Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-html5boilerplate`_ - Integrates the
`html5boilerplate project`_ into Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-mdown`_ - Adds `Markdown`_ support to Mezzanine's rich
text editor.
* `mezzanine-openshift`_ - Setup for running Mezzanine on
`Redhat's OpenShift`_ cloud platform.
* `mezzanine-stackato`_ - Setup for running Mezzanine on
`ActiveState's Stackato`_ cloud platform.
* `mezzanine-blocks`_ - A Mezzanine flavored fork of
* `mezzanine-widgets`_ - Widget system for Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-themes`_ - A collection of Django/Mezzanine templates.
* `mezzanine-twittertopic`_ - Manage multiple Twitter topic feeds
from the Mezzanine admin interface.
* `mezzanine-captcha`_ - Adds CAPTCHA field types to Mezzanine's
forms builder app.
* `mezzanine-bookmarks`_ - A multi-user bookmark app for Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-events`_ - Events plugin for Mezzanine, with geocoding
via Google Maps, iCalendar files, webcal URLs and directions via
Google Calendar/Maps.
* `mezzanine-polls`_ - Polls application for Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-pagedown`_ - Adds the `Pagedown`_ WYSIWYG editor to
* `mezzanine-careers`_ - Job posting application for Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-recipes`_ - Recipes plugin with built-in REST API.
* `mezzanine-slides`_ - Responsive banner slides app for Mezzanine.
* `mezzyblocks`_ - Another app for adding blocks/modules to Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-flexipage`_ - Allows designers to manage content areas
in templates.
* `mezzanine-instagram`_ - A simple Instagram app for Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-wiki`_ - Wiki app for Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-calendar`_ - Calendar pages in Mezzanine
* `mezzanine-facebook`_ - Simple Facebook integration for Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-instagram-gallery`_ - Create Mezzanine galleries using
Instagram images.
* `mezzanine-cli`_ - Command-line interface for Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-categorylink`_ - Integrates Mezzanine's Link pages with
its blog categories.
* `mezzanine-podcast`_ - A simple podcast streamer and manager for
* `mezzanine-linkcollection`_ - Collect links. Feature them. Share
them over RSS.
* `cash-generator`_ - Generate `GnuCash`_ invoices with Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-foundation`_ - `Zurb Foundation`_ theme for Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-file-collections`_ - Simple file collection page type
for Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-wymeditor`_ - `WYMeditor`_ adapted as the rich text
editor for Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-meze`_ - Adds support for `reStructuredText`_,
`Pygments`_ and more, to Mezzanine's rich text editing.
* `mezzanine-pageimages`_ - Add background and banner images per page
in Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-protected-pages`_ - Restrict access to pages by group
* `mezzanine-page-auth`_ - A Mezzanine module for add group-level
permission to pages.
* `django-widgy`_ - Widget-oriented content editing. Includes an
adapter for Mezzanine and a powerful form builder.
* `mezzanine-admin-backup`_ - Export your Mezzanine database and assets
directly from the admin.
* `mezzanine-mailchimp`_ - Integrate Mezzanine forms with a MailChimp
subscription list.
* `mezzanine-grappelli`_ - Integrates latest upstream
grappelli/filebrowser with Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-workout`_ - Store and display FIT data in Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-agenda`_ - Event functionality for your Mezzanine sites.
* `mezzanine-dpaste`_ - Integrate `dpaste`_, a Django pastebin, into
your Mezzanine site.
* `mezzanine-linkdump`_ - Create, display and track links in Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-people`_ - Categorize and list people in Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-webf`_ - Fabfile for deploying Mezzanine to Webfaction.
* `mezzanineopenshift`_ Another setup for `Redhat's OpenShift`_ cloud
* `mezzanine-bsbanners`_ - Add `Twitter Bootstrap`_ Carousels and
Jumbotrons to Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-business-theme`_ - Starter business theme for Mezzanine.
* `open-helpdesk`_ - A helpdesk app built with Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-invites`_ - Allow site registration via alphanumeric
invite codes.
* `ansible-mezzanine`_ - Full pipeline (dev, staging, production)
deployment of Mezzanine using `Ansible`_.
* `mezzanine-modal-announcements`_ - Popup announcements for Mezzanine
websites via Bootstrap modals.
* `mezzanine-buffer`_ - `Buffer`_ integration for Mezzanine.
* `mezzanine-slideshows`_ - Allows placement of Mezzanine galleries
within other Mezzanine pages as slideshows.
* `mezzanine-onepage`_ - Design helper for single-page Mezzanine sites.
* `mezzanine-api`_ - RESTful web API for Mezzanine.


If you would like to make a donation to continue development of
Mezzanine, you can do so via the `Mezzanine Project`_ website.


To report a security issue, please send an email privately to
``_. This gives us a chance to fix the issue and
create an official release prior to the issue being made

For all other Mezzanine support, the primary channel is the
`mezzanine-users`_ mailing list. Questions, comments, and all related
discussions take place here amongst knowledgeable members of the

If you're certain you've come across a bug, then please use the
`GitHub issue tracker`_. It's crucial that enough information is
provided to reproduce the bug. This includes things such as the
Python stack trace generated by error pages, as well as other aspects
of the development environment used, such as operating system,
database, Python version, etc. If you're not sure you've found a
reproducible bug, then please try the mailing list first.

Finally, feel free to drop by the `#mezzanine IRC channel`_ on
`Freenode`_, for a chat!

Communications in all Mezzanine spaces are expected to conform
to the `Django Code of Conduct`_.

Sites Using Mezzanine

Got a site built with Mezzanine? You can add it to the gallery on
the `Mezzanine project page`_ by adding it to the list below - just
fork the project and create a pull request. Please omit the trailing
slash in the URL, as we manually add that ourselves to feature
certain sites.

* `Citrus Agency <http:""/>`_
* `Mezzanine Project <http:"">`_
* `Nick Hagianis <http:"">`_
* `Thomas Johnson <http:"">`_
* `Central Mosque Wembley <http:"">`_
* `Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation <http:""/>`_
* `The Source Procurement <http:""/>`_
* `Imageinary <http:"">`_
* `Brad Montgomery <http:"">`_
* `Jashua Cloutier <http:"">`_
* `Alpha & Omega Contractors <http:"">`_
* `Equity Advance <http:""/>`_
* `Head3 Interactive <http:"">`_
* `PyLadies <http:"">`_
* `Ripe Maternity <http:""/>`_
* `Cotton On <http:""/>`_
* `List G Barristers <http:"">`_
* `Tri-Cities Flower Farm <http:"">`_
* ` <http:""/>`_
* ` <http:""/>`_
* ` <http:""/>`_
* `ARA Consultants <http:""/>`_
* `Boîte à Z'images <http:""/>`_
* `The Melbourne Cup <http:""/>`_
* `Diablo News <http:"">`_
* `Goldman Travel <http:""/>`_
* `IJC Digital <http:""/>`_
* `Coopers <http:""/>`_
* `Joe Julian <http:"">`_
* `Sheer Ethic <http:""/>`_
* `Salt Lake Magazine <http:""/>`_
* `Boca Raton Magazine <http:""/>`_
* ` <http:"">`_
* `Elephant Juice Soup <http:"">`_
* `National Positions <http:""/>`_
* `Like Humans Do <http:"">`_
* `Connecting Countries <http:"">`_
* ` <http:"">`_
* `Environmental World Products <http:""/>`_
* `Ross A. Laird <http:"">`_
* `Etienne B. Roesch <http:"">`_
* `Recruiterbox <http:""/>`_
* `Mod Productions <http:""/>`_
* `Appsembler <http:""/>`_
* `Pink Twig <http:"">`_
* `Parfume Planet <http:"">`_
* `Trading 4 Us <http:"">`_
* `Chris Fleisch <http:"">`_
* `Theneum <http:""/>`_
* `My Story Chest <http:"">`_
* `Philip Sahli <http:"">`_
* `Raymond Chandler <http:"">`_
* `Nashsb <http:"">`_
* `AciBASE <http:"">`_
* `Matthe Wahn <http:"">`_
* `Bit of Pixels <http:"">`_
* `European Crystallographic Meeting <http:"">`_
* `Dreamperium <http:"">`_
* `UT Dallas <http:"">`_
* `Go Yama <http:"">`_
* `Yeti LLC <http:""/>`_
* `Li Xiong <http:"">`_
* `Pageworthy <http:"">`_
* `Prince Jets <http:"">`_
* `30 sites in 30 days <http:"">`_
* `St Barnabas' Theological College <http:""/>`_
* `Helios 3D <http:""/>`_
* `Life is Good <http:""/>`_
* `Building 92 <http:""/>`_
* `Pie Monster <http:"">`_
* `Cotton On Asia <http:""/>`_
* `Ivan Diao <http:"">`_
* `Super Top Secret <http:""/>`_
* `Jaybird Sport <http:""/>`_
* `Manai Glitter <https:"">`_
* `Sri Emas International School <http:"">`_
* `Boom Perun <http:"">`_
* `Tactical Bags <http:"">`_
* ` <http:"">`_
* `Sunfluence <http:"">`_
* ` <http:"">`_
* ` <http:"">`_
* `Wdiaz <http:"">`_
* `Hunted Hive <http:""/>`_
* ` <http:"">`_
* `The Beancat Network <http:"">`_
* `Raquel Marón <http:""/>`_
* `EatLove <http:""/>`_
* `Hospitality Quotient <http:""/>`_
* `The Andrew Story <http:""/>`_
* `Charles Koll Jewelry <http:""/>`_
* `Mission Healthcare <http:""/>`_
* `Creuna (com/dk/fi/no/se) <http:""/>`_
* `Coronado School of the Arts <http:""/>`_
* `SiteComb <http:"">`_
* `Dashing Collective <http:""/>`_
* `Puraforce Remedies <http:""/>`_
* `Google's VetNet <http:""/>`_
* `1800RESPECT <http:""/>`_
* `Evenhouse Consulting <http:""/>`_
* `Humboldt Community Christian School <http:"">`_
* `Atlanta's Living Legacy <http:"">`_
* `Shipgistix <http:"">`_
* `Yuberactive <http:"">`_
* `Medical Myth Busters <http:"">`_
* `4player Network <http:""/>`_
* `Top500 Supercomputers <http:"">`_
* `Die Betroffenen <http:"">`_
* ` <http:"">`_
* ` <http:"">`_
* `Dominican Python <http:"">`_
* ` <http:""/>`_
* `Adrenaline <http:""/>`_
* `ACE EdVenture Programme <http:""/>`_
* `Butchershop Creative <http:""/>`_
* `Sam Kingston <http:"">`_
* `Ludwig von Mises Institute <http:"">`_
* `Incendio <http:""/>`_
* `Alexander Lillevik <http:""/>`_
* `Walk In Tromsø <http:"">`_
* `Mandrivia Linux <http:""/>`_
* `Crown Preschool <http:"">`_
* `Coronado Pathways Charter School <http:"">`_
* `Raindrop Marketing <http:"">`_
* `Web4py <http:"">`_
* `The Peculiar Store <http:"">`_
* `GrinDin <http:"">`_
* `4Gume <http:"">`_
* `Skydivo <http:"">`_
* `Noshly <http:"">`_
* `Kabu Creative <http:""/>`_
* `KisanHub <http:""/>`_
* `Your Song Your Story <http:""/>`_
* `Kegbot <http:"">`_
* `Fiz <http:""/>`_
* `Willborn <http:"">`_
* `Copilot Co <http:"">`_
* `Amblitec <http:"">`_
* `Gold's Gym Utah <http:""/>`_
* `Appsin - Blog to Native app <http:""/>`_
* `Take Me East <http:"">`_
* `Code Raising <http:"">`_
* `ZigZag Bags <http:"">`_
* `VerifIP <http:""/>`_
* `Clic TV <http:""/>`_
* `JE Rivas <http:""/>`_
* `Heather Gregory Nutrition <http:"">`_
* `Coronado Island Realty <http:"">`_
* `Loans to Homes <http:"">`_
* `Gensler Group <http:"">`_
* `SaniCo <https:"">`_
* `Grupo Invista <http:"">`_
* `Brooklyn Navy Yard <http:""/>`_
* `MEZZaTHEME <http:""/>`_
* `Nektra Advanced Computing <http:""/>`_
* `Bootstrap ASAP <https:""/>`_
* `California Center for Jobs <http:""/>`_
* `Sam Kingston <http:"">`_
* `Code Juggle DJ <http:"">`_
* `Food News <http:"">`_
* `Australian Discworld Conventions <http:"">`_
* `Distilled <http:""/>`_
* `OpenMRP <http:"">`_
* `Arkade Snowboarding <http:""/>`_
* `Linktective The Link Checker <http:"">`_
* `Zetalab <http:"">`_
* `Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild <http:"">`_
* `Anywhereism <http:"">`_
* `Assistive Listening Device Locator <http:"">`_
* `Frank & Connie Spitzer <http:"">`_
* `Coronado Unified School District <http:"">`_
* `Coronado Inn <http:"">`_
* `Coronado Schools Foundation <http:"">`_
* `Light and Life Christian School <http:"">`_
* `The Morabito Group <http:"">`_
* `Law Offices of Nancy Gardner <http:"">`_
* `Soden & Steinberger APLC <http:"">`_
* `Stalwart Communications <http:"">`_
* `Ubuntu Consultants <http:"">`_
* `Wine a Bit Coronado <http:"">`_
* `Mercury Mastering <http:"">`_
* `Flowgrammable <http:"">`_
* `Shibe Mart <http:"">`_
* `Carlos Isaac Balderas <http:""/>`_
* `Enrico Tröger <http:"">`_
* `Perugini <http:""/>`_
* `YouPatch <https:"">`_
* `Batista Peniel <http:"">`_
* `Perceptyx <http:""/>`_
* `Guddina Coffee <http:"">`_
* `Atami Escape Resort <http:"">`_
* `Philip Southwell <http:"">`_
* `Justine & Katie's Bowtique <http:"">`_
* `The Grantwell LLC <https:"">`_
* `PyCon Asia-Pacific <https:""/>`_
* `Nerdot <http:"">`_
* ` <http:"">`_
* `Arlette Pichardo <http:"">`_
* `Sani Dental Group <http:"">`_
* `Biocap 06 <http:"">`_
* `Python Baja California <http:""/>`_
* `The Art Rebellion <http:""/>`_
* `Engineered Arts <https:"">`_
* `Paul Whipp Consulting <http:"">`_
* `Lipman Art <https:""/>`_
* `MODCo Group <http:""/>`_
* `Terminal Labs <http:"">`_
* `Resource Management Companies <http:"">`_
* `DollFires <http:"">`_
* `Quantifind <http:""/>`_
* `ZHackers <https:"">`_
* `Open ERP Arabia <http:""/>`_
* `DataKind <http:""/>`_
* `New Zealand Institute of Economic Research <http:""/>`_
* `CodingHouse <http:"">`_
* `Triple J Products <http:"">`_
* `Aaron E. Balderas <http:"">`_
* ` <http:""/>`_
* `Constantia Fabrics <http:""/>`_
* `Potrillo al Pie <http:""/>`_
* `Skyfalk Web Studio <http:"">`_
* `Firefox OS Partners <https:""/>`_
* `You Name It <http:"">`_
* `Atlas of Human Infectious Diseases <https:"">`_
* `The Entrepreneurial School <http:""/>`_
* `Wednesday Martin <http:""/>`_
* `Avaris to Avanim <https:"">`_
* `Cognitions Coaching and Consulting <http:"">`_
* `Foundation Engineering Group <http:"">`_
* `Hivelocity <https:"">`_
* `Zooply <http:"">`_
* `Oceana Technologies <http:"">`_
* `TerraHub <http:""/>`_
* ` <http:""/>`_
* `Joshua Ginsberg <http:"">`_
* `Savant Digital <http:"">`_
* `weBounty <https:"">`_
* `Oxfam America <http:""/>`_
* `Artivest <https:""/>`_
* `Dark Matter Sheep <http:"">`_
* `Mission Healthcare <http:"">`_
* `Two Forty Fives <http:""/>`_
* `Rodeo Austin <http:""/>`_
* `Krisers <http:""/>`_
* `Intentional Creation <http:""/>`_
* `BytesArea <http:"">`_
* `Debra Solomon <http:"">`_
* `Pampanga Food Company <http:"">`_


* "I'm enjoying working with Mezzanine, it's good work"
- `Van Lindberg`_, `Python Software Foundation`_ chairman
* "Mezzanine looks like it may be Django's killer app"
- `Antonio Rodriguez`_, ex CTO of `Hewlett Packard`_, founder
of `Tabblo`_
* "Mezzanine looks pretty interesting, tempting to get me off
Wordpress" - `Jesse Noller`_, Python core contributor,
`Python Software Foundation`_ board member
* "I think I'm your newest fan. Love these frameworks"
- `Emile Petrone`_, integrations engineer at `Urban Airship`_
* "Mezzanine is amazing" - `Audrey Roy`_, founder of `PyLadies`_
and `Django Packages`_
* "Mezzanine convinced me to switch from the Ruby world over
to Python" - `Michael Delaney`_, developer
* "Like Linux and Python, Mezzanine just feels right" - `Phil Hughes`_,
Linux For Dummies author, `The Linux Journal`_ columnist
* "Impressed with Mezzanine so far" - `Brad Montgomery`_, founder
of `Work For Pie`_
* "From the moment I installed Mezzanine, I have been delighted, both
with the initial experience and the community involved in its
development" - `John Campbell`_, founder of `Head3 Interactive`_
* "You need to check out the open source project Mezzanine. In one
word: Elegant" - `Nick Hagianis`_, developer


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