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Mirador 0.3.1

client for the Mirador image moderation API. (

Latest Version: 0.3.3

The Mirador client to our Image Moderation API provides functionality for the simple moderation of image files and publically-accessible image URLs, along with integration into popular web and application frameworks. Basic usage:

#!/usr/bin/env python
from mirador import MiradorClient

client = MiradorClient('your_api_key')

for id, result in client.classify_files({ 'nsfw': 'nsfw.jpg', 'sfw': 'sfw.jpg'}):
    print "{id}: {safe}, {value}".format(**result.__dict__)

# you can classify a single file or url
result = client.classify_url('')
other = client.classify_file('images/test.png')

# if you have a buffer (e.g., from a file upload), you can work directly with that:
res = client.classify_buffers(open('test.jpg', 'r').read(), open('mypix.jpg', 'r').read())

# you can also classify data URIs
data_uri = client.classify_data_uri(my_uri='')

# kwargs lets you set IDs for request/results
data_uri = client.classify_data_uri(another_example=request['data_uri'])

print # "another_example"

Full Documentation/More Info

For more information please see the github: And our website:

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