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Misago 0.6.0dev

Misago is complete, featured and modern forum solution.

Development Status: Pre-Alpha

Misago aims to be complete, featured and modern forum solution that has no fear to say ‘NO’ to common and outdated opinions about how forum software should be made and what it should do.

If you can run Python apps on your hosting and you are looking for modern solution using latest paradigms in web development, or you are Django developer and forum is going to be core component of your next project then Misago is option for you!

Installing and updating

Branch future is used for project’s codebase cleanup and is not functional at the time of this writing.

If you want to give Misago a spin, feel free to play with one of previous releases.

Bug reports and feature requests

If you have found bug, please report it on issue tracker.

For feature or support requests as well as general feedback please use our zproject forums <>`_ instead. Your feedback means much to the project so please do share your thoughts!


Pull requests are always welcome.

If you have fixed spelling mistake, wrote new tests or fixed a bug, feel free to open pull request.

If you want to take care of one of issues, please announce your intent in issue discussion on github before you start working, so situations when more than one person work on solving same issue can be avoided.

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