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ModelicaRes 0.5.1

Utilities to set up and analyze Modelica simulation experiments

Latest Version: 0.12.2

The goal of ModelicaRes_ is to provide an open-source tool to effectively manage
manage Modelica_ simulations, interpret results, and create publishable figures.
It is currently possible to

- Auto-generate simulation scripts,
- Run model executables with varying parameters,
- Browse data,
- Perform custom calculations, and
- Produce various plots and diagrams.

The figures are generated via matplotlib_, which offers a rich set of plotting
routines. ModelicaRes_ includes convenient functions to automatically
pre-format and label some figures, like xy plots, Bode and Nyquist plots, and
Sankey diagrams. ModelicaRes_ can be scripted or run from a Python_ interpreter
with math and matrix functions from NumPy_.

For more information, please see the `main project site
<http:"" modelicares=""/>`_ or the "doc" folder of the package
for the full documentation and many examples. The development site is

An installable copy of this package can be downloaded from the `main project
site`_ or the `PyPI page <http:"" pypi="" modelicares="">`_. To
install the package, first download and extract it. Then run the set up script
( from the base folder. On Windows, use the following command::

python install

On Linux, use::

sudo python install

The matplotlibrc file in the base folder has some recommended revisions to
matplotlib_'s defaults. To use it, copy or move the file to the working
directory or matplotlib_'s configuration directory. See for details.

Kevin Bandy helped to develop this package. Third-party code has been included
from Jason Grout (`ArrowLine
<http:"" arrows-using-line2d-and-shortening-lines-td19104579.html="">`_
class), Jason Heeris (`efficient base-10 logarithm
<http:"""" msg14433.html="">`_),
Richard Murray (`python-control
<http:"" apps="" mediawiki="" python-control="">`_), and Joerg Raedler
(method to expand a Modelica_ variable tree - from `DyMat
<http:"" projects="" dymat=""/>`_).

License terms
ModelicaRes_ is published under the terms of the BSD license (see LICENSE.txt).
Please share any modifications you make (preferably on a Github fork from so that others may benefit from your

See also
The `pysimulator <https:"" p="" pysimulator=""/>`_, `BuildingsPy
<http:"" modelica="" buildingspy=""/>`_, DyMat_, and
`awesim <https:"" saroele="" awesim="">`_ projects provide related Python_ modules. pysimulator_ includes an elaborate GUI and supports the Functional
Model Interface (FMI). BuildingsPy_ has a :class:`Tester` class that can be
used for unit testing. DyMat_ has functions to export Modelica_ simulation data
to comma separated values (CSV), `Gnuplot <http:""/>`_, MATLAB
\ :sup:`®`, and `Network Common Data Form (netCDF)
<http:"" software="" netcdf=""/>`_. awesim_ provides tools to
help run simulation experiments and organize the results.

.. _ModelicaRes:
.. _Modelica:
.. _Python:
.. _matplotlib:
.. _NumPy:  
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