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MontyLingua 2.1

A Free, Commonsense-Enriched Natural Language Understander for English

MontyLingua is a free*, commonsense-enriched, end-to-end natural language understander for English. Feed raw English text into MontyLingua, and the output will be a semantic interpretation of that text. Perfect for information retrieval and extraction, request processing, and question answering. From English sentences, it extracts subject/verb/object tuples, extracts adjectives, noun phrases and verb phrases, and extracts people's names, places, events, dates and times, and other semantic information. MontyLingua makes traditionally difficult language processing tasks trivial!

Version 2.1 is substantially FASTER, MORE ACCURATE, and MORE RELIABLE than version 1.3.1. It has now been tested across Windows, many flavors of UNIX, and Mac OS X, and several flavors of Java, and is in use by several university research projects and under several commercial settings.

MontyLingua differs from other natural language processing tools because:
* it is complete end-to-end.. input raw_text; output semantic interpretation
* not many dated tools and implementations sewn together; it is one well-integrated implementation
* it does not require "training" and other fidgetting, and will work right out-of-the-box
* it is enriched with "common sense" knowledge about the everyday world, allowing it to escape many stupid interpretive mistakes. e.g.:
o "(NX the/DT mosquito/NN bit/NN NX) (NX the/DT boy/NN NX)" ==corrected==>
o "(NX the/DT mosquito/NN NX) (VX bit/VBD VX) (NX the/DT boy/NN NX)"
* it is lightweight and portable across platforms, written in portable Python and also available as a compiled Java library
* it is easy to customize by allowing for a user lexicon

MontyLingua performs the following tasks over text:
1. MontyTokenizer - Tokenizes raw English text (sensitive to abbreviations), and resolve contractions, e.g. "you're" ==> "you are"
2. MontyTagger - Part-of-speech tagging based on Brill94, enriched with common sense.
3. MontyChunker - Lightning fast regular expression chunker
4. MontyExtractor - Extracts phrases and subject/verb/object triplets from sentences
5. MontyLemmatiser - Strips inflectional morphology, i.e. changes verbs to infinitive form and nouns to singular form
6. MontyNLGenerator - Uses MontyLingua's concise predicate-arg representation to generate naturalistic English sentences and text summaries

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