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Mopidy-Mixcloud 0.3.14

Mopidy Mixcloud extension

Latest Version: 3.1.4



If you already have `mopidy installed <https:"" en="" latest="" installation=""/>`_ and running, you can install just by running on a command line:
sudo pip install Mopidy-Mixcloud


Once installed the addin behaves much like the rest of mopidy addins, with a couple of special tweaks.
In the browsing section there are directories for Categories, Popular, New and Hot cloudcasts as well as a User directory.
*User* directory is used for browsing users' cloudcasts, playlists, favorites etc. By default it is populated from the config file (see below).

Searching for users can be done by adding 'user:' in front of a search string (without quotes), for example: user:factionmix.
Once the search is completed the users's cloudcasts will be listed as abums.
Additional user information for all dicovered users wil lbe automatically added to *User* section in the browsing screen.
To clear this search for string 'refresh:'. This will also clear internal caches so you will be able to get updated data from mixcloud. Caches are cleared automatically about every 10 minutes.


Once installed it will work, you can disable it by setting enabled=false in [mixcloud] section of `mopidy.conf <https:"" en="" latest="" config=""/>`_.
You can also list your favorite users (including yourself) in a comma separated list under *users* setting in [mixcloud] section of `mopidy.conf <https:"" en="" latest="" config=""/>`_.
These users will then appear in Mixcloud/Users section in Mopidy and you will be able to browse their cloudcasts, playlists, followers etc

Project resources

- `Source code <https:"" unusualcomputers="" unusualcomputers="" tree="" master="" code="" mopidy="" mopidymixcloud="">`_


- Original author: `unusual computers <http:"">`__ (also on `github <https:"" unusualcomputers="" unusualcomputers="" blob="" master="""">`__)

I have learned a lot from `jackyNIX's <https:"" jackynix="" xbmc-mixcloud-plugin="">`__ code for kodi mopidy plugin.

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