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MusiContour visimus-0.3.1

This app calculates and plot musical contour operations.

MusiContour: musical contour relations calculator

by Marcos da Silva Sampaio and Pedro Kröger (Genos Research Group [1])

This is a software to calculate and plot musical contour relations operations. MusiContour can process contour related to parameters such as pitch, duration, dynamics and chord density. This software provides Contour Theories functions [2].

MusiContour had two names before its current one: Goiaba (2007), a software developed to process musical contours, during Marcos da Silva Sampaio master’s degree [3], and Villa-Lobos Contour module, a module of Villa-Lobos [4], and is now independent.

MusiContour is part of Marcos da Silva Sampaio PhD project about musical contour relations. More information about these project is available in [5], in portuguese.



[2] Find more about Contour Theories in:

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Keywords: Musical contour, contour in music, melodic contour,
computational musicology, contour theory, contorno melódico.
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