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NURBS-Python 3.3.2

NURBS 2D/3D curve and surface evaluation library in native Python

Latest Version: 3.5.2


NURBS-Python provides Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline (NURBS) surface and 2D/3D curve data structures and computation algorithms in native Python. The library is fully object-oriented and does not depend on any external libraries.


NURBS-Python consists of the following modules and components:

  • Core library
  • Multi module
  • Exchange module
  • Visualization component
  • Shapes component

Core Library

The core library contains 4 modules:

  • geomdl.BSpline contains Non-Uniform B-Spline (NUBS) evaluation and storage functionality
  • geomdl.NURBS contains Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline (NURBS) evaluation and storage functionality
  • geomdl.CPGen contains simple control points grid generation algorithms
  • geomdl.utilities contains helper functions for generating and altering knot vectors and control points

geomdl.BSpline and geomdl.NURBS modules contain 3 classes for geometric evaluation:

  • Curve for evaluating 3D curves
  • Curve2D for evaluating 2D curves
  • Surface for evaluating surfaces

geomdl.CPGen module contains 2 classes for grid generation:

  • Grid for generating inputs for geomdl.BSpline.Surface class
  • GridWeighted for generating inputs for geomdl.NURBS.Surface class

Starting from version 3.2, NURBS-Python provides abstract Curve and Surface base classes in geomdl.Abstract module.

Multi Module

NURBS-Python provides container-like classes for working with multiple curves and surfaces in geomdl.Multi module. Please see the documentation for details.

Exchange Module

NURBS-Python can export Surface types in OBJ and STL format using module. This module contains 2 major functions:

  • save_obj for saving surfaces as .obj files
  • save_stl for saving surfaces as .stl files in ascii or binary format (default is binary)

Visualization Component

NURBS-Python comes with an experimental visualization module, geomdl.visualization, for plotting generated 2D/3D curves and surfaces directly.

Shapes Component

Starting from NURBS-Python v3.1, a new experimental module geomdl.shapes is shipped with the NURBS-Python package. The aim of this component is providing an easy way to generate the most common curves and surfaces, such as circles and cylinders.


NURBS-Python is licensed under The MIT License.

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