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OmniFile 1.0

Opens files from file names, file objects, or pre-read data

OmniFile is designed for programmers who write file manipulation functions. In Python, there are many ways a file can be passed to a function - you can read the file and pass the read data, you can open the file object, or you can pass a filename.

OmniFile’s job is to handle any of these circumstances, based on whichever is convenient for the user of your function.




Used when you only need data, OmniRead can accept file names, pre-read file data, and file objects. It will return pure string data.



Similar to OmniRead, but returns a file-like StringIO instance instead. This is helpful when you need file-like functionality such as iterating through lines or manipulating the file in place, but aren’t so concerned about whether you have a physical location on disk.


omniopen(source, mode)

OmniOpen can handle a file’s name or a file that’s already been opened. It can be used when you need a writable file with a physical location.


OmniFile is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Its mission is to make your life easier as a programmer. It was written by Leaf, who can be contacted at

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