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Oncilla 0.1.0

Oncilla is the documentation building helper package of Oncilla, Color, Manager, Umbra, sIBL_GUI and sIBL_Reporter.


Oncilla is the documentation building helper package of Oncilla, Manager, Umbra, sIBL_GUI and sIBL_Reporter.


The following dependencies are needed:

To install Oncilla from the Python Package Index you can issue this command in a shell:

pip install Oncilla

or this alternative command:

easy_install Oncilla

You can also directly install from Github source repository:

git clone git://
cd Oncilla
python install


In order to build the project documentation, Oncilla needs some prerequisites.



You will need to have the following environment variables defined:

  • ONCILLA_PROJECT_DIRECTORY: Defines the project directory you want to build the manual and Sphinx documentation.
  • ONCILLA_PROJECT_NAME: Defines the name you want to use across the manual and Sphinx documentation files.
  • ONCILLA_PROJECT_PACKAGES: Defines the packages you want to build the Sphinx documentation.
  • ONCILLA_PROJECT_SANITIZER: Defines the optional Sphinx documentation sanitizing Python module.
  • ONCILLA_PROJECT_EXCLUDED_MODULES: Defines the optional excluded Python modules from Sphinx documentation.
  • ONCILLA_PROJECT_MANUAL_CSS_FILE: Defines the optional css stylesheet file used for the manual.


export ONCILLA_PROJECT_DIRECTORY="/Users/kelsolaar/Documents/Development/sIBL_GUI"
export ONCILLA_PROJECT_PACKAGES="oncilla foundations manager umbra sibl_gui"
export ONCILLA_PROJECT_SANITIZER="/Users/kelsolaar/Documents/Development/sIBL_GUI/utilities/"
export ONCILLA_PROJECT_EXCLUDED_MODULES="pyclbr tests 001_dummy 001_migrate_3-x-x_to_4-0-0 002_migrate_4-x-x_to_4-0-2 003_migrate_4-x-x_to_4-0-3 004_migrate_4-x-x_to_4-0-7 defaultScript"


Oncilla documentation is built with itself and is a good reference on how to structure your project documentation directories.

Assuming $PROJECT_NAME is the project name and $PROJECT_DIRECTORY the project root directory, the following paths need to be defined:

  • $PROJECT_DIRECTORY/docs/help/$PROJECT_NAME_Manual.rst: Source manual reStructuredText file.
  • $PROJECT_DIRECTORY/docs/sphinx: Standard Sphinx documentation root directory containing the Makefile and source/ files.


The Sphinx documentation pages are generated by slicing the source manual reStructuredText file using specific tags prepended by a dot ( . ):

E.g.: .. .mySliceTag

For example, file defines various tags like .. .tocTree, .. .introduction, .. .installation, etc…, and as a result the tocTree.rst, introduction.rst, installation.rst pages will be created and included into the Sphinx documentation.


Once the prerequisites have been defined, you can launch Oncilla using this shell command:



Oncilla by Thomas Mansencal – 2008 - 2014
Copyright© 2008 - 2014 – Thomas Mansencal –
This software is released under terms of GNU GPL V3 license:
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Oncilla-0.1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-04-03 658KB