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OpenAlea 0.9

Component framework and visual programming environment

OpenAlea is a collaborative project in the plant research community to provide a modeling and simulation framework in plant modelling.

This release includes the components of three projects:
  • OpenAlea - Component framework and visual programming environment.
    • Core (Component framework and Dataflow)
    • Visualea (Visual programming environment)
    • Stdlib (Standard components)
    • Deploy (setuptools extension)
    • DeployGui (GUI for Deploy)
    • SConsX (SCons extension)
    • Misc (Developer utilities)
    • Scheduler (Round-robin scheduler)
    • Container (Graph datastructures and algorithms)
    • MTG (Multiscale tree graph data-structure and algorithms)
    • GraphEditor (PyQt4 Editor for any graph data structure)
    • PyLab (PyLab integration into VisuAlea)
    • NumPy (NumPy integration into Visualea)
  • VPlants - Analysis, modeling and simulation of plant architecture and its development at different scales.
    • Aml (Plant architecture modelling and analysis)
    • PlantGL (3D plant geometric library)
    • StatTool (Standard statistic library)
    • SequenceAnalysis (Sequence statistical models such as Markov, Hidden Semi-Markov, …)
    • TreeMatching (Comparison of branching structures)
    • TreeStatistic (Tree statistical models)
    • WeberPenn (Procedural tree modelling using WP algorithm)
    • L-Py (LSystems in Python)
  • Alinea - Simulation of ecophysiological and agronomic processes.
    • Caribu (Illumination of 3D virtual canopies based on radiosity)
    • Adel (Simulation of gramineous crops e.g. wheat, maize)
    • TopVine (Reconstruction of grapevine canopy structure)