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OpenKVK 0.3

Python API wrapper for the OpenKVK service

Latest Version: 0.4

OpenKVK: API wrapper

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What is it ?

OpenKVK is an UNOFFICIAL python wrapper for the `openkvk API`_

Main Features

a few of the things this library does well:

- Get dutch company information by name or kvk-number
- Get lists of companies based on sbi-codes, location or both
- Output information in ``json``, ``csv`` or ``dict``
- Wrap your own queries with or without result parsing

Command line interface

For quick access to the openkvk api you could use the OpenKVK CLI, like

.. code::

$ openkvk --help
$ openkvk --kvk 27312152 --format json --output test.json


| The source code is currently hosted on GitHub at:

Install via ``pip``:

.. code::

$ pip install OpenKVK

And via ``easy_install``:

.. code::

$ easy_install OpenKVK


First you need to instantiate a OpenKVK client

.. code::

from OpenKVKimport ApiClient

client = ApiClient()

| The Client returns data as python dicts, to change this output format.
| you could do one of the following

.. code::

client = ApiClient('json')


.. code::


The client can then be used to query by using the following:

.. code::


| The ``city``, ``name`` and ``sbi`` functions also accept a maximum number of results (defaults to 99)
| and a additional filters, like:

.. code::

client.get_by_sbi('06.10',limit=150, plaats="Rotterdam")

for a full list of available filters check `openkvk`_

| If you like to construct you own SQL-queries and you like the results to be parsed to a valid JSON array, a python list of dicts or a valid csv
| you could use the ``QueryBuilder`` class.

.. code::

from OpenKVK import QueryBuilder

client = QueryBuilder()
client.query("SELECT * FROM kvk WHERE kvks = 27312152")

If you don’t want the parsed results there is also a very minimalistic
api client

.. code::

from OpenKVK import BaseClient

client = BaseClient()
client.query("SELECT * FROM kvk WHERE kvks = 27312152")



.. _openkvk API:
.. _openkvk:

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Version 0.3

- Added python 3 support
- Fixxed additional filters
- Updated documentation

Version 0.2

- Added Commandline interface
- Added method for querying bankruptcies
- Added tests
- Added
- Restructured classes
- Fixed csv output
- Fixed get_by_kvk() method

Version 0.1

First public preview release.  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size (md5) Source 2014-07-23 368KB