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OpenREM 0.4.3b2

An open implementation of IHE Radiation Exposure Monitoring profile Dose Info Consumer and Dose Register actors

Latest Version: 0.8.0b1


OpenREM is a Django app to extract, store and export Radiation Exposure
Monitoring related information, primarily from DICOM files.

Full documentation can be found on Read the Docs:

**For upgrades**, please look at the `version 0.4.0 release notes <http:"" page="" release-0.4.0.html="">`_

Quick start - please refer to the `full documentation <http:"">`_ for details

*(Linux path notation - use back slashes for Windows paths)*

#. Install python 2.7
#. Install `setuptools and pip <http:"" en="" latest="" installing.html="">`_
#. Install `RabbitMQ <http:""/>`_
#. Install OpenREM
+ ``pip install openrem``
#. Configure OpenREM
+ Locate install location, typically ``something/lib/python2.7/site-packages/openrem``
+ There are two files that need renaming:
+ ``openrem/openrem/`` to ``openrem/openrem/``
+ ``openrem/openrem/`` to ``openrem/openrem/``
+ in the ```` file, set the database details.
+ For testing purposes, use
+ ``'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.sqlite3',``
+ in the ```` file, set the upload and download folder ``MEDIA_ROOT``
#. Create the database
+ ``python path/to/openrem/ syncdb``
#. Start test web server
+ ``python path/to/openrem/ runserver``
# Start the Celery task queue. For testing purposes, in a shell go to the openrem folder and use
+ ``celery -A openrem worker -l info``
#. Open the web addesss given, appending ``/openrem`` (http://localhost:8000/openrem)
#. Create some users and add them to the ``viewgroup``, ``exportgroup`` or ``admingroup`` in the admin interface, eg http://localhost:8000/admin
#. Add some data!
+ `` rdsrfile.dcm``  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
OpenREM-0.4.3b2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-08-17 323KB