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Orange 2.0.1b

Orange data mining library for python.

Latest Version: 2.7.8

Orange is a scriptable environment for fast prototyping of new algorithms and testing schemes. It is a collection of Python-based modules that sit over the core library and implement some functionality for which execution time is not crucial and which is easier done in Python than in C++. This includes a variety of tasks such as pretty-print of decision trees, attribute subset, bagging and boosting, and alike.

Orange also includes a set of graphical widgets that use methods from core library and Orange modules. Through visual programming, widgets can be assembled together into an application by a visual programming tool called Orange Canvas.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
Orange-2.0.1b.tar.gz (md5)
Patched to enable compiling using gcc 4.6
Source 2011-11-16 12MB