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PO-Projects 0.4.0

Django application to manage PO files for project translations

Latest Version: 0.8.3

PO Projects is a PO file management factory.

Principle is to have a frontend board to create new PO project from a POT file to import, then add it and manage language translations then finally export all these PO to include it in your app (django or another).


  • View to create new project from a PO/POT file;
  • View to create new project translation and edit them;
  • View to export project translations as PO files;
  • View to export an archive (zip/tarball) of all translations as PO files from a project;
  • Manage fuzzy mode for translations;
  • Form to import a catalog (PO) to update a catalog;
  • Nice frontend with Foundation;
  • Permission restriction;


  • Restricted API access with djangorestframework to get PO files or global project archive from external tools (like Optimus or a Django app from an external site) ?
  • User authoring to know who has done what;
  • More granual permission restriction with django-guardian;

External API access

We should need of two clients :

  • One for Django webapp, shipped as a Django app that only exposes a command line tool, no needs of model;
  • One for Optimus, allready shipped as a new command line tool;

The access to the API need to be protected and restricted to avoid that anyone can download and/or edit project translations.

API actions should be :

  • Export project, this will send a tarball containing the locale directory to overwrite the one in the destination project (in the django or optimus project, not the translation project stored in Po-Projects);
  • Receiving new POT file to update a project template and catalogs;


Add PO Projects to your installed apps in settings :


Then add its settings :

# Use to build path and file names in exported archive for projects
POT_ARCHIVE_PATH = "locale/{catalog_filename}.pot"
PO_ARCHIVE_PATH = "locale/{locale}/LC_MESSAGES/{catalog_filename}.po"

# Available PO filename types
AVAILABLE_CATALOG_FILENAMES = ('django', 'messages')

Finally mount its urls in your main :

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    (r'^po/', include('po_projects.urls', namespace='po_projects')),
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