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POET 0.1.0

Calculate the orbital evolution of a planet-star system.

POET: (P)lanetary (O)orbital (E)volution due to (T)ides on evolving stars :
python interface

For a system consisting of a star and a single planet in a circular orbit
aligned with the stellar rotation, calculate the evolution of the semimajor
axis and the rotation of the star. If the star has a mass below 1.1 solar
masses, the rotation of the radiative core and the convective envelope are
evolved separately. The following physics is included:
* The evolution of the semimajor axis of the orbit due to the tidal
dissipation in the star.
* The evolution of the angular momentum of the stellar convective
envelope by the tidal coupling.
* The transfer of angular momentum between the stellar convective and
radiative zones.
* The effect of the stellar evolution on the tidal dissipation
efficiency, and stellar core and envelope spins.
* The loss of stellar convective zone angular momentum to a magnetically
launched wind.  
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