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PalmDB 1.8.1

Pure Python library to read/write/modify Palm PDB and PRC format databases.

This module allows access to Palm OS(tm) database files on the desktop
in pure Python. This version is an almost complete rewrite of the original library to use plugins to read/write specific formats. It also uses plugins to read/write XML representations of the PDB. The default format is XML, but it is possible to read/write other formats. If there is no plugin for the database type you are converting, a basic one will be used. Currently the plugins include Progect, Progect Project List and Palm TODO. Work is continuing, and I hope to provide plugins for the standard Palm databases, either written by other people or by myself over time. Any database will be converted to XML, but the application specific data will remain opaque, by providing a plugin you can turn the opaque data into something useful.