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Parker 0.4.0

A web spider for collecting specific data across a set of configured sites

Latest Version: 0.9.6


Parker is a Python-based web spider for collecting specific data
across a set of configured sites.

Non-Python requirements:

- Redis - for task queuing and visit tracking
- libxml - for HTML parsing of pages


Install using ``pip``::

$ pip install parker


To configure Parker, you will need to install the configuration
files in a suitable location for the user running Parker. To do
this, use the ``parker-config`` script. For example::

$ parker-config ~/.parker

This will install the configuration in your homedir and will output
the related environment variable for you to set in your ``.bashrc``.



- Added handling for a PARKER_CONFIG environment variable, allowing
users to specify where configuration files are loaded from.

- Added the ``parker-config`` script to install default configuration
files to a passed location. Also prints out an example PARKER_CONFIG
environment variable to add to your profile files.

- Updated documentation to use proper reStructuredText files.

- Add a CHANGES file to track updates.  
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Parker-0.4.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-07-20 134KB
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