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Party 1.7.2

Lightweight Python client to the Artifactory API.

Python client for the Artifactory API


Key Points

  • Configuration is pre-loaded from, but can be overridden at runtime
  • A new class must first be instantiated
  • Any properties returned from using a “find” or “get” method are assigned to the class instance
  • Properties are NOT appended. To add multiple properties to a class, get them all in one call.

Some example code:

import party

artifact = party.Party()

artifact.artifactory_url = ""  # <= Runtime config change

Additionally, passing a config parameter to Party() will work

    'artifactory_url': '',
    'username': 'api',
    'password': 'password',

artifact = party.Party(config=PARTY_CONFIG)

Find Artifact by Name

myFile = "my-file.rpm"
result = artifact.find(myFile)

Find Artifact By Properties

file_props = {
    "build.number": 999,
    "rpm.version": ""
result = artifact.find_by_properties(file_props)

Find Artifact by Pattern

result = artifact.find_by_pattern("erlang*R15B*.rpm")

Get Specific Artifact Properties

specific_properties = [ "build.number", "rpm.version" ]
result = artifact.get_properties(artifact, specific_properties)

Set Properties on an Artifact

new_properties = {
    "myKey": "myValue"
result = artifact.set_properties(artifact, new_properties)


Party class instances load in the values from However, those values can be overridden directly in the file, or at runtime using:

artifact = party.Party()
artifact.CONFIG_KEY = "new value"

The following is a list of config keys (CONFIG_KEY above) and descriptions of their purposes:

artifactory_url - Base URL to your Artifactory instance.
    search_prop - Artifactory API endpoint used for the property search.
    search_name - Artifactory API endpoint to access quick search.
   search_repos - Artifactory API endpoint to search for repositories.
       username - Username credential to use to connect to the Artifactory instance.
       password - Base64 encoded password credential used to connect to the Artifactory instance.
        headers - JSON (Python dict) of headers to send in the Artifactory queries.
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