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Persistence 3.0b1

Persistent ExtensionClass


This package provides a variant of the persistent base class that’s an ExtensionClass. Unless you need ExtensionClass semantics, you probably want to use persistent.Persistent from the persistent distribution (formerly ZODB3).


3.0b1 (2017-09-15)

  • #4: Ensure our dependencies match our expectations about C extensions.
  • Update included ExtensionClass.h header file.

3.0a3 (2017-02-02)

  • Fix isinstance/issubclass for the Python version of PersistentMapping.

3.0a2 (2017-02-02)

  • #2: Add Python 3 compatibility.
  • #1: Resolve meta class conflict for PersistentMapping.
  • Update ExtensionClass and persistent headers and minimum versions.
  • Drop support for Python 2.6.

3.0a1 (2014-11-02)

  • Add a Python stub implementation of the Persistent class.
  • Tests: Use __eq__ instead of __cmp__.

2.13.2 (2010-06-16)

  • LP #587760: Handle tp_basicsize correctly.

2.13.1 (2010-04-30)

  • Removed undeclared testing dependency on zope.testing.

2.13.0 (2010-02-23)

  • Update to include ExtensionClass 2.13.0.

2.12.0 (2010-02-14)

  • Added support for method cache in Persistence. Patch contributed by Yoshinori K. Okuji. See
  • Updated C includes to ExtensionClass 2.12.0.
  • Updated package metadata and remove old build artifacts.

2.11.1 (2009-02-19)

  • First egg release.
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