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PiVideo 0.1.12

Raspberry Pi PiVideo Utilities for PiCapture

PiVideo Control Software The PiVideo software may be used to control the PiCapture processor. Some of the functions provided by this software include: - Automatic or manual video source selection - Optional on-screen source indication - Test mode control - A firmware update utility By default, the PiVideo software communicates with the PiCapture processor using the Raspberry Pi i2c port 1. If you are using this port for other applications, jumpers may be used to select one of the two I2C ports as an alternative. The default I2C address is 0x40, and the PiCapture can operate with other I2C slave devices attached to the port. The serial port is required to perform software updates.

pivideo_class is provided for use with your own programs.

Please see for additional documentation.


1.2 First public release 1.3 Changes to serial port handling to support Raspberry Pi 3 1.4 Fixed -v parameter processing bug 1.5 Added support for PiCapture HD1 1.6 Improved HD1 communication 1.8 Changes for control software update; display PiVideo version number on query 1.9 Improved handling for communication errors in pivideo_class 1.10 Updated for Python3 compatibility; bug fix for “command” 1.11 Fix software update function for Python3 compatibility; custom EDID for HD1 1.12 Improved firmware update features; require future for Python 2

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