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PirateBayBUA 0.0.1r004-apha-chyctu

PirateBay Json, Python Query analysis, implemented with Better User Agent and Aparatus in << Software Pirating Analysis >> know in detection of malware, virus and Evil intention.


Stand for ( Better User Agent )

Piratebay is a thepiratebay dot org screenscraper, with it one can easily search for torrents.
Order by any column, such as user / seeders / leechers. It is in early stages right now, but more
features are being implemented by the day.

It Also include a better User-Agent randomize algorithm for entropy testing purposes. And ultimately
some major redirection of the content to be an appropriate package for Security and Legislation to
dig inside a content to chunk the information within merely illegal like pure-copy, personal enhancement
in software redistribution, and totally illegal like malware and method-prone to collect citizen data
for financial purposes.

Missing features

- Acces to Meta-data, get environment Information.
- Downloading a Torrent will be available but restrictive reason will
be asked for monitoring purposes.
- ( and delivered to authority for evaluation purposes, or get the real piratebay, it's analysis tools here ) .
- parse the torrent info page.
- parse the comments.
- the descriptions.
- simulating the answer over wide range of browser.
- Extracting information in quest of developping baysian rejection filter and
auto-analysis or even increasing amount of category, leaving real legality in
pirate boxes...
- Object Analysis tools with pylibelf and PE under Windows Compatible.
- documentation will be clearer .


By using distutils(, so you can easily install this on most system with no trouble.
From the base dir:
python install (you would need root access depending on the system being used(`sudo'))

You can download the latest versions released from <<no pypi="" for="" the="" moment,="" crude="" develpt="" and="" <br=""> in correct stuff will cause problem and rejection, but maxistedeams will release it >>
or download the development version straight from the mercurial repository hosted by me at:


Is currently lacking, about every method is documented in the source. But future prototype will
become move and more verbosis and Final realse will include test-case and a lot of documentation.  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
piratebaybua-0.0.1r004-apha-chyctu.tar.gz (md5)
Alpha development, contains unfinished work and errors
Source 2013-09-07 8KB