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PlyPlus 0.6.0

a friendly yet powerful LR-parser written in Python

Latest Version: 0.7.5

Plyplus is a general-purpose parser built on top of PLY (, written in python, with a slightly different approach to parsing.

Most parsers work by calling a function for each rule they identify, which processes the data and returns to the parser. Plyplus parses the entire file into a parse-tree, letting you search and process it using visitors and pattern-matching.

Plyplus makes two uncommon separations: of code from grammar, and of processing from parsing. The result of this approach is (hopefully) a cleaner design, more powerful grammar processing, and a parser which is easier to write and to understand.


  • Automatically builds an AST. Customizable in grammar (expand and flatten nodes automatically)
  • Selectors: run powerful queries on the AST
  • Rule operators mimicking regular expressions (supported: parentheses, ‘|’, ‘*’, ‘?’, and ‘+’)
  • Comes with a full, flexible, Python grammar
  • Nested grammars (a grammar within a grammar. Useful for HTML/CSS, for example)
  • Automatic line counting
  • From PLY: Readable errors, Debug mode
  • And more! …
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