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Polygon 1.17

Python bindings to the 'General Polygon Clipping Library' (gpc) and additional functions

Latest Version: Unknown

The Polygon package consists of two modules. One is an extension written in C

wrapping the gpc library ( and its polygon clipping operations in an object oriented fashion. There are lots of additional methods. The other is written in pure python and provides some additional functions.

The wrapping and extension code is free software, but the core gpc library is free for non-commercial usage only. The author says: “This library is provided free of charge for non-commercial users. Reaching its current state took up almost two years of personal development effort. If you have found this software to be useful for your purposes please make a donation and help support the continuation of this project. Thanks!” Please respect this statement and contact the author (see gpc homepage) if you wish to use this software in commercial projects!