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Products.CMFPlone 4.2.3

The Plone Content Management System (core)

Latest Version:

About Plone

Plone is a user friendly Content Management System running on top of Python,
Zope and the CMF.

It benefits from all features of Zope/CMF such as: RDBMS integration,
Python extensions, Object Oriented Database, Web configurable workflow,
pluggable membership and authentication, Undos, Form validation, amongst many
many other features. Available protocols: FTP, XMLRPC, HTTP and WEBDAV
Turn it into a distributed application system by installing ZEO.

Plone shares some of the qualities of Livelink, Interwoven and Documentum. It
aims to be *the* open source out-of-the-box publishing system.

What is Plone?

Plone is a ready-to-run content management system that is built on the powerful
and free Zope application server. Plone is easy to set up, extremely flexible,
and provides you with a system for managing web content that is ideal for
project groups, communities, web sites, extranets and intranets.

- *Plone is easy to install.* You can install Plone with a a click and run
installer, and have a content management system running on your computer in
just a few minutes.

- *Plone is easy to use.* The Plone Team includes usability experts who have
made Plone easy and attractive for content managers to add, update, and
maintain content.

- *Plone is international.* The Plone interface has more than 35 translations,
and tools exist for managing multilingual content.

- *Plone is standard.* Plone carefully follows standards for usability and
accessibility. Plone pages are compliant with US Section 508, and the W3C's
AAA rating for accessibility.

- *Plone is Open Source.* Plone is licensed under the GNU General Public
License, the same license used by Linux. This gives you the right to use
Plone without a license fee, and to improve upon the product.

- *Plone is supported.* There are over three hundred developers in the Plone
Development Team around the world, and a multitude of companies that
specialize in Plone development and support.

- *Plone is extensible.* There is a multitude of add-on products for Plone to
add new features and content types. In addition, Plone can be scripted using
web standard solutions and Open Source languages.

- *Plone is technology neutral.* Plone can interoperate with most relational
database systems, open source and commercial, and runs on a vast array of
platforms, including Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and BSD.

Technical overview

Plone is a content management framework that works hand-in-hand and sits on top
of Zope, a widely-used Open Source web application server and development
system. To use Plone, you don't need to learn anything about Zope; to develop
new Plone content types, a small amount of Zope knowledge is helpful, and it is
covered in the `documentation`_.

Zope itself is written in Python, an easy-to-learn, widely-used and supported
Open Source programming language. Python can be used to add new features to
Plone, and used to understand or make changes to the way that Zope and Plone

By default, Plone stores its contents in Zope's built in transactional object
database, the ZODB. There are products and techniques, however, to share
information with other sources, such as relational databases, LDAP, filesystem
files, etc.

Plone runs on Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, and many other platforms;
double-click installers are available for Windows and Mac OS X, and RPM
packages are available for Linux. For full information, see the
` product page`_.

.. _documentation:
.. product page:

.. This file should contain the changes for the last release only, which
will be included on the package's page on pypi. All older entries are
kept in HISTORY.txt


4.2.3 (2012-12-15)

- Cleaned javascripts from plone_ecmascript of jslint warnings

- Add various security fixes based on PloneHotfix20121106.

- Pass minute_step to date_components_support_view.result(). See

- Fix form_tabbing.js so it stays on the same fieldset when an Archetypes
edit form is submitted and returns to itself.

- Use prefixed ids for popup overlays

- Fix compatible hide fieldset legend for IE6/7/8 in form_tabbing.js

- Improve error handling on paste action. If it is a real error, the
error gets shown and logged.

- Changes to dependencies when creating a new site (plone-final) to fix

- Revealed hidden features for sorting folders (#11317).

- Don't swallow exceptions on object_paste and folder_paste (#9365).

4.2.2 (2012-10-15)

- Do not block right-side portlets in Members folder on site creation.
This fixes

- Fix prefs_install_product_readme so files with non-ascii characters are
rendered. This fixes

- Fix StringIO module security so it can still be imported from restricted
code in Zope 2.13.17+.

- Make sure the portal_registry setting for ResourceRegistries bundles
gets installed.

- Filter out non existing types in getUserFriendlyTypes.
This avoids an error on the search form when a no longer existing
portal_type is still in the catalog.

- We can safely move the MAX_TITLE to 50 and even move up MAX_DESCRIPTION 150 refs #11321

- Remove inline styles, they do nothing, add class so someone can style it when they like refs #12438

- Show forget password when entering wrong credentials refs #12463

- Remove h3 to make consistent html refs #11344

- Fix 'Add New' on Users/Groups Overviews shows overlay when clicking anywhere in form #12201

- Fix events_listing #12477

- Fix form_tabbing, to stay on current tab on submitting form
[maartenkling] (2012-08-23)

- Fixed i18n of image view improvement introduced in 4.2.1.

- Ensure some transient dependencies don't vanish in the 4.2 series,
just because some libraries get updated and nobody declares the
dependency anymore. Same as in the Plone package:

4.2.1 (2012-08-11)

- Fix: do not display 'file content' on a file view if there is no file.

- Improve image view:
- Add a download button.
- Display View button only if image is a web format (jpeg, png, gif...)

- zope.globalrequest is a required dependency on tests.

- Remove content-core ID from login_form. This removes the duplicate ID
that occurs on a page when using the login overlay.
This fixes
[cwainwright] (2012-07-02)

- Add docstring to SkinTool's method to allow them being called from the ZMI.

4.2 (2012-06-29)

- Add upgrade step to install the CMFEditions component registry bases

- Make redirection_view/attempt_redirect fall back to nothing in
default_error_message template. If gets a URL with
special characters, OOBTree.get raises a UnicodeDecodeError and the template
fails. This fixes

- Fix jquery.highlightsearchterms.js to not render arbitrary js.

4.2rc2 (2012-05-31)

- Check the existence of a portal_type attribute before accessing it to construct
navigation URLs. This avoids an exception when constructing breadcrumb navigation
for search results if the result is a 'Discussion Item' as the parent Conversation
object does not have a portal_type attribute.

- For event view template, changed headerless table to headings and divs for better accessibility. See bug #13181

- Add translatable js message for closing popup boxes.
Part of fix for

- Handle server redirects during login via popup by detecting change in base.
Fixed by incorporating zenwryly's patch,

- calculate the dynamic fontsize in s5_slides.js (Presentation Mode) in em, not px. This for WCAG 2.0 compliance.

- When adding, changing or removing skins, automatically recook all resource
registries, to keep theme bundles in-sync. This mirrors the event subscriber
support used in for the same purpose.

- Let the RR export/import steps depend on the skins tool and steps, as either of them might create new theme bundles

- Hide Kupu base profile on Plone site creation screen.

- PEP 8 (ignoring W602, W604, E301, E302, E501 and E701).

- Deprecated aliases were replaced on tests.

- Ensure multiple tabbed forms on the same page work when number of
tabs is greater than threshold.

- Remove deprecated `jq` reference from form tabbing JavaScript.

- Remove incorrect line of form tabbing JavaScript which broke
forms with more than 6 tabs.

- accessibility improvements for screen readers regarding "more" links, see
[rmattb, applied by polyester]

4.2rc1 (2012-05-07)

- Fix an outdated "Send this" form handler property reference.

- removed search_form-template form plone_deprecated-skin. Use
collective.searchform if you need this functionality.

- Use plone.batching for all batches (PLIP #12235)

- Re-apply PLIP 10901 to table_sort.js, fixing a bug with reversing sort
on the first column.

- Stop filtering folder_listing to the types from
@@plone_portal_state/friendly_types, since that excludes non-searchable
types rather than non-listable types.

- PloneControlPanel's enumConfiglets no longer returns invisible configlets.

- Hide the (old) Collections control panel by default for new sites.

- Use getId() instead of title_or_id() for displaying which items get
deleted, to avoid unicode error

- Allow form tabbing to be used across different DOM documents.

- Hide left column in prefs_main_template when user does not have access to

- Hide left column in prefs_main_template when user does not have access to

- Make MigrationTool.coreVersions() check for Pillow as well as PIL and
PILwoTK. Version will report as "PIL 1.7.6 (Pillow)". Closes

- Decode id and bad characters in check_id script with default_encoding to
prevent UnicodeDecodeError when bad characters contains non-ascii letters.

- Re-apply PLIP 10901 to table_sort.js, fixing a bug with reversing sort
on the first column.

- Add keyword 'latest' to metadata.xml's version tag, which then looks for
the highest numbered profile that is registered and pins that to the
upgrade step. This means that the version field in metadata.xml only
has to be set to 'latest' once and then it automatically searches for
the highest numbered profile.

4.2b2 (2012-02-09)

- Changed link from search to @@search for the "More" link in livesearch_reply.

- Notify ObjectModifiedEvent when a content title is modified
through action > rename.

- Fixed some mail tests in combination with

- Do not display the author contact form when the logged in user does
not have an email address.

4.2b1 (2011-12-05)

- Define a ZCML feature called `plone-42` in addition to the existing `plone-4`
and `plone-41` to be used in conditional ZCML registrations.

- Allow "Site Administrator to add keywords"
[kleist, suggested by keul]

- IE critical fix on toggle select and form submit helpers.

- Fixed the two high priority scenarios (global sections viewlet and nav
portlet) of

- Call the view to unlock an item on unload synchronously, so that the
call succeeds on Webkit browsers. This closes

- Remove uneeded kss debugging code

- Allow users with the Manage Users permission to change the login
name of other users; specifically this allows them to change the
email address when this is used as login name.

- Removed the 'What' row in the event view that displayed the
keywords; this is already handled by the keywords viewlet.

- Make control panel action GS export return actions alphabetically since
there is no other natural ordering.

- Fixed folder_listing template
so that listing macro can be used outside of folder_listing.

- Fix PloneTool.changeOwnershipOf to not pass MemberData to the underlying
Owned.changeOwnership, but a plain User object only.

- Fixed bug that treated ids of objects outside the portal, but on the
acquisition path, as reserved.

4.2a2 - 2011-08-25

- AuthenticatedUsers group is used for local roles etc, and is not the same
as Authenticated role. Thus, it can not be optimized away in catalog queries.

- getFolderContents only sets b_size if batching is true.

4.2a1 - 2011-08-08

- Added hidden year/month/day/hour/minute/ampm labels to calendar macros.
Part of a form accessibility cleanup.

- Removed registration of the input-label.js from the portal_javascript tool.
Those with a desperate need to support the 'placeholder' text functionality
in the obsolete browsers are free to re-register the script in their own

- Deprecated input-label.js — instead we are using the HTML5 'placeholder'
attribute on the input fields.

- Deprecated IEFixes.css after we have introduced Modernizr and removed it's
GS registration. References

- Added Modernizr 2 library.

- Switch to HTML5 doctype. References

- Include and related packages.
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