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Products.CMFPlone 5.0a2

The Plone Content Management System (core)

Latest Version: 5.1.1

About Plone

Plone is a user friendly Content Management System running on top of Python, Zope and the CMF.

It benefits from all features of Zope/CMF such as: RDBMS integration, Python extensions, Object Oriented Database, Web configurable workflow, pluggable membership and authentication, Undos, Form validation, amongst many many other features. Available protocols: FTP, XMLRPC, HTTP and WEBDAV Turn it into a distributed application system by installing ZEO.

Plone shares some of the qualities of Livelink, Interwoven and Documentum. It aims to be the open source out-of-the-box publishing system.

Installing Plone

Plone is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, OSX and BSD platforms.

Install Plone by downloading an installer from

What is Plone?

Plone is a ready-to-run content management system that is built on the powerful and free Zope application server. Plone is easy to set up, extremely flexible, and provides you with a system for managing web content that is ideal for project groups, communities, web sites, extranets and intranets.

  • Plone is easy to install. You can install Plone with a a click and run installer, and have a content management system running on your computer in just a few minutes.
  • Plone is easy to use. The Plone Team includes usability experts who have made Plone easy and attractive for content managers to add, update, and maintain content.
  • Plone is international. The Plone interface has more than 35 translations, and tools exist for managing multilingual content.
  • Plone is standard. Plone carefully follows standards for usability and accessibility. Plone pages are compliant with US Section 508, and the W3C’s AAA rating for accessibility.
  • Plone is Open Source. Plone is licensed under the GNU General Public License, the same license used by Linux. This gives you the right to use Plone without a license fee, and to improve upon the product.
  • Plone is supported. There are over three hundred developers in the Plone Development Team around the world, and a multitude of companies that specialize in Plone development and support.
  • Plone is extensible. There is a multitude of add-on products for Plone to add new features and content types. In addition, Plone can be scripted using web standard solutions and Open Source languages.
  • Plone is technology neutral. Plone can interoperate with most relational database systems, open source and commercial, and runs on a vast array of platforms, including Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and BSD.

Technical overview

Plone is a content management framework that works hand-in-hand and sits on top of Zope, a widely-used Open Source web application server and development system. To use Plone, you don’t need to learn anything about Zope; to develop new Plone content types, a small amount of Zope knowledge is helpful, and it is covered in the documentation.

Zope itself is written in Python, an easy-to-learn, widely-used and supported Open Source programming language. Python can be used to add new features to Plone, and used to understand or make changes to the way that Zope and Plone work.

By default, Plone stores its contents in Zope’s built in transactional object database, the ZODB. There are products and techniques, however, to share information with other sources, such as relational databases, LDAP, filesystem files, etc.

Plone runs on Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, and many other platforms; double-click installers are available for Windows and Mac OS X, and RPM packages are available for Linux. For full information, see the product page.


5.0a2 (2014-04-20)

5.0a1 (2014-03-02)

  • remove quickinstall control panel form since a new one was moved to [vangheem]

  • Add ‘warning’ and ‘error’ status message types to the test_rendering view. [esteele]

  • Update the front-page links. [esteele]

  • In plone-overview view, we can now see Plone sites which are contained into Zope folder. [bsuttor]

  • Make Plone tool read the exposeDCMetaTags from p.a.registry instead of of the site properties. [timo]

  • Hide install profile in the add-ons control panel. [esteele]

  • Removed script, since it doesn’t offer real protection. [davisagli]

  • Moved the member search form to [pabo3000]

  • PLIP #13705: Remove <base> tag. [frapell]

  • merge hotfixes from 20131210 [vangheem]

  • handle RichTextValue objects in syndication. Should fix syndication with [vangheem]

  • FolderFeed adapter now takes into account the limit property when displaying the RSS feed just like the other adapters do [ichim-david]

  • Remove the portal_calendar tool and the dependency on CMFCalendar. [davisagli]

  • Remove the plone_deprecated skin layer. [gforcada, davisagli]

  • Moved portal_factory and portal_metadata from Products.CMFPlone to Products.ATContentTypes (PLIP #13770) [ale-rt]

  • Remove the portal_interface tool. [ale-rt]

  • Remove the portal_actionicons tool. [davisagli]

  • Remove ownership_form and change_ownership script, which were not used. [davisagli]

  • Convert author_feedback_template and accessibility_info to browser views. [bloodbare]

  • Move calendar_macros and jscalendar to Products.Archetypes. [bloodbare]

  • Remove plonetheme.classic from the package dependencies and the default extension profile, since it will not ship with Plone 5. [timo]

  • Move docs/CHANGES.txt to CHANGES.rst. [timo]

  • Replace deprecated test assert statements. [timo]

  • Add a dependency on Install by default. [esteele]

  • Drop dependency on plonetheme.classic. [esteele]

  • Remove old logo.jpg. Use logo.png from Sunburst. [esteele]

  • Inline validation JavaScript for z3c.form only sends request when field name can be obtained from DOM for a widget (#13741). [seanupton]

  • Add use_uuid_as_userid site property. Part of PLIP 13419. [maurits]

  • Let set_own_login_name use the update(Own)LoginName method from PAS. Part of PLIP 13419. [maurits]

  • recently_modified and recently_published respects allow anonymous to view about setting [vangheem]

  • Return a 404 instead of “AttributeError: (dynamic view)” if a user attempts to view a still-temporary PortalFactory item. [esteele]

  • Ensure that initial_login is set to True when a user first logs in. [taito]

  • Merged PLIP #12198: Depend on Chameleon ( as a faster page template engine. [davisagli]

  • make extensionprofiles selection part of ‘advanced’ in plone-addsite [jaroel]

  • enable syndication on collection [vangheem]

  • fix syndication settings to not write on read [vangheem]

  • fix wrong download url for podcast syndication [Rudd-O]

  • Merged PLIP #12344: Use Dexterity-based core content types.

    • Avoid including ATContentTypes and Archetypes as a dependency.
    • Install the profile for new sites.

    [davisagli et al]

  • Merged PLIP #13270: Move presentation mode out of core. If the feature is still desired, use the add-on. [davisagli]

  • Add “plone-5” ZCML feature. Add-ons can register ZCML for Plone 5 only using zcml:condition=”have plone-5” [davisagli]

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