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Products.IntelliDateTime 1.3.2

Archetypes Datetime Widget using bda.intellidatetime conversion


Field and Widget using bda.intellidatetime converter functions for date and time input.


  • Plone 2.5+, 3.x, 4.x


  • bda.intellidatetime
  • plone of course
  • archetypes, sadly


  • branch me for 2.5 and focus 3.0 in trunk
  • make installation via generic setup
  • get rid of jscalendar stuff and alter by jquery calendar widget.


Written by Robert Niederreiter <>
Squarewave Computing, BlueDynamics Alliance Austria
Bugfixes by Jens Klein <>
BlueDynamics Alliance, Klein & Partner KEG, Austria
Contributions & Bugfixes by Harald Friessnegger
Webmeisterei, Austria

Changes for IntelliDateTime

1.3.2 (2010/01/26)

  • adjust the output datetime for the widget to the users timezone using ITimeZone [2009-04-27 jensens]

  • removed the additional calendar javascripts added in since they broke the popup

    at least in plone4 loading calendar.js in addition to calendar_stripped.js (which is loaded as helper.js by the calendarwidget) results in recursion errors and the date picked in the popup is not written to the input fields.

    [2010-01-26 fRiSi]


  • correct show_hm condition for datetime.datetime rendering [2009-04-15 rnix]


  • view macro - render datetime.datetime properly [2009-04-15 rnix]
  • remove view_later macro [2009-04-15 rnix]


  • overwrite validate_required in [2009-03-01 jensens]
  • remove wrong condition in [2009-03-01 jensens]


  • eggified [2009-03-05 rnix]


  • widget now can return zope DateTime or python datetime [Jensens]
  • widget now displays time input only if show_hm is set to True (as does CalendarWidget) [2008-07-28 fRiSi]
  • locale for parsing the date in bda.indellidatetime.converter is obtained from the site_property default_language (widged was simply using ‘de’ before) this might break your testcases since for a default plone site the english dateformat is expected. you need to set the default language in your testsuite’s setUp method to fix this. [2008-09-12 fRiSi]
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