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Products.ManagableIndex 2.1.5

Efficient flexible index construction framework with extended Field, Keyword, Path, Range indexes. For Zope 2.11 and above


Products.ManagableIndex is a framework for the easy construction of efficient, flexible, via the ZMI fully customizable indexes for Zope 2.11 (or above). It comes with a set of predefined indexes: Field, Keyword, Path, Range, Word and SimpleText index. Usually, they are more flexible and more efficient than the corresponding indexes from the Zope core.

Products.ManagableIndex uses dm.incrementalsearch when it is installed. This can speed up queries by several orders of magnitude when used together with Products.AdvancedQuery.

You find more information in the doc subdirectory.

New in version 2.1.x

  • (2.1.5) the fix in 2.1.4 broke support for older GenericSetup versions. 2.1.5 fixes the fix for this case.
  • (2.1.4) newer Products.GenericSetup versions (e.g. that used by Plone 4) have replaced a global Products import by a local one in Products.GenericSetup.utils.ObjectManagerHelpers._initObjects and thereby broken our GenericSetup support. Version 2.1.4 fixes this problem.
  • fix test suite for Zope 2.12 (Zope puts non existing elements in Products.__path__ and (unlike Python) OFS.Application.get_products cannot handle this case).
  • GenericSetup support.
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