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Products.MxDateTimeField 1.2

Archetypes Field using MxDateTime

Note: This module is meant to be used in migrated sites and not for modern plone 4.x use.

This field enables Archetypes to use mxDateTime fields. It is very simple, it just transforms (well formed) strings into mxDateTime values. You can use the Field in Archetypes schemas like this:


from Products.MxDateTimeField import MxDateTimeField

schema= Schema((


The benefit of the MxDateTimeField is that a wider range of time designations is supported, dates may range from 5‘000‘000CE to 5‘000‘000BCE. Sometimes you encounter Problems in Plone when you want to use such dates.


You need to install egenix mxDateTime first, it is part of ‘mxBase’, see

Several Operating Systems are offering the egenix mxDateTime within their package management systems.

Then just put the MxDateTime folder into your Zopes ‘Products’ directory. The Product should be listed among your Zopes Products in the control panel.


Thanks to Philipp Auersperg and Jens Klein for their hints and tips and for AGX ;-)


If you have any questionns feel free to ask!

irc: #bluedynamics email:


Georg Gogo. BERNHARD

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