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Products.PTProfiler 1.5

PageTemplate profiler for Zope 2

PTProfiler is a small profiling system for page templates in Zope 2. It times each TAL expression and lists the results in a table ranked by processing time.

Using PTProfiler

Do mind that this product (when enabled, see below) requires some extra processing time for page templates, so isn’t recommended for production sites.

To enable and view the results, place a PTProfiler Viewer object somewhere in the Zope tree, and press the Enable button. After some page templates are viewed, you will see a list of paths to each of those page templates (or, in the rare case the path isn’t known, the id). When you click one of the items, you will see a list of all the expression calls in the template, ordered by total time spent on that expression.

Code repository

You can find the code of this extension in Git:


1.5 (2015-10-30)

  • Some tests and Travis infra [gotcha]
  • Added simple sorting option to main profiler view [naro]
  • Zope 2.12 and above comptatibility [naro]

PTProfiler 1.4 (2009-05-29)

  • Fix deprecation warnings on Zope 2.11.

PTProfiler 1.3 (2008-11-19)

  • Fix documentation, test in Zope 2.11.

PTProfiler 1.2

  • Profiles Five Browser views of Zope 2.8, 2.9.
  • Ported to Zope 2.10.
  • The “Return to overview” button no longer shows up in the overview.

PTProfiler 1.1

  • Usability improvements: added Refresh button for the overview screen and Return to overview for the introspection screen. Layout tweaks.
  • Icon for the ZMI.

PTProfiler 1.0b

  • Initial public release.
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