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Products.RichImage 1.5

Image with crop functionalities.


Image with scaling and manual crop functionalities.


1.5 - 2010-10-14

  • Try to reuse the already cropped images from the canonical object in a LinguaPlone environment. [hannosch]

1.4 - 2010-07-02

  • Avoid hard dependency on kupu. [hannosch]
  • Removed the set_schema declaration from a view, the option isn’t supported in Zope 2. [hannosch]

1.3 - 2009-12-09

  • Updated support for newer versions based on feedback by Andi. [hannosch]

1.2 - 2009-12-09

  • Inherit from ImageField to make it work with newer versions of [tesdal]
  • Added test for BlobWrapper changes. [tesdal]

1.1 - 2009-11-24

  • Data can be BlobWrapper when cropping images. [tesdal]
  • Make available_crops not load images. [tesdal]

1.0 - 2009-11-11

  • Allow createCropsOnSet to be a list of crops to be created on set. [tesdal]

0.9 - 2009-09-03

  • Added CropModifiedEvent and event subscribers to synchronize crops across translations. [tesdal, hannosch]

0.8 - 2009-06-03

  • Preserve the image format of the passed in image. A png using transparency generates crops in png format preserving the transparency now. Thanks to Wichert for the tip. [hannosch]
  • Changed default image format for crops to JPEG. [hannosch]
  • Create crop on bobo_traverse if the authenticated user has write permissions for the image. [soerensigfusson]

0.7 - 2009-04-15

  • Make sure to use LinguaPlone’s atapi when available. [stefan]

0.6 - 2008-11-07

  • Declare dependency. [hannosch]

0.5 - 2008-10-23

  • Make sure tag and __str__ are available on the image and return the HTML tag representation of the image and not the content. [hannosch]
  • Make pyflakes happy. [hannosch]
  • Add support for CacheSetup’s purge adapter so all crops are purged if the image is update. [wichert]
  • Added new available_crops KeywordIndex and metadata column to the catalog. This uses a new method to index the created crop sizes for the image. [spliter, hannosch]

0.4 - 2008-09-24

  • Fixed some rounding problems on cropped images. [cesku]

0.3 - 2008-09-22

  • Added ‘searchable’ attribute to keywords TextField. [cesku]
  • edit_crop template uses a scaled image now [cesku]
  • Better schema setup in unit test. [cesku]

0.2 - 2008-09-19

  • Initial release. [vds, cescu, witsch, hannosch].
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