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Products.SimpleGroupsManagement 0.4.1

A Plone utility that let non-Manager users able to manage some (specific) groups


Have you ever feel the need to give to normal (AKA: not Manager/Site Administrator ) Plone member the power to manage a group?

Right now in Plone you can make this playing with the (Plone Site Setup: Users and Groups). Even playing with this permission is impossible to limit the group on which a member (or group) can manage.

This products and a minimal configuration, a member of the Plone portal (or all members in a group) will be able to manage the users of a group, overriding the basic portal security. You only need to go to the portal_properties tool of you portal and modifiy the new simple_groups_management_properties.

In the sgm_data section you need to insert a set of strings like


where id1, id2 can be user or group ids. This mean that those subjects will be able to act on groups.

You can also insert a list of groups ids that will be never handled by this product in the sgm_never_managed_groups section.

The utility also react to the Add portal members permission. If the current user has this permission you will be able to add new portal members (so no security break for this).

When an user is added or removed, an event is notified.


Tested with Plone 4.2 and 4.3. Look for older releases if you need Plone 3 compatiblity.

Be aware!

This products override all normal Plone permissions noted above! This can create security black-holes in your portal!

The access to the new user/group management form is still protected by the Use Simple Groups Management permission (commonly given to all site Members).

Similar products

Maybe is a good idea to check also collective.groupdelegation


  • Don’t force the Manager to go in ZMI, but handle configuration from Plone UI.


Special thanks to Albert Pallas for beeing the locales-man.


0.4.1 (2013-11-15)

  • Standardise markup as per [davismr]
  • Fixed permission problem when user has empty list of groups [davismr]
  • Fixed group management form format and labels [keul]
  • Show usernames [keul]

0.4.0 (2012-10-04)

  • Added support for the Site Administrator role [keul]
  • Moved action link to manage groups from portal_action to user section (in the proper Plone 4 style way) [keul]
  • Added a proper uninstall procedure [keul]
  • Updated templated to Plone 4 [keul]
  • Added a project browserlayer [keul]
  • Added missing translation strings [keul]
  • HTML 5 fixes [keul]
  • Search also by userid [keul]
  • Fixed portal message problem [keul]

0.3.2 (2011/12/19)

  • Added title of the group in groups listing [micecchi]

0.3.1 (2011/07/12)

  • fixed bug in group listing [micecchi]

0.3.0 (2011/07/10)

  • No more Plone 2.5 support
  • Plone UI updated to Plone 3 world [micecchi]
  • Moved tool-link from users preferences to plone_control_panel [micecchi]
  • Created a link in site_actions to access the management view [micecchi]
  • Created a custom event raised when an user is assigned/deleted to a group when using this product [micecchi]
  • Changed the way of listing users, to support ldap and many users [micecchi]
  • Improved Plone4 compatibility [micecchi]


  • Albert Pallas provided internationalization support
  • Again Albert added catalan, spanish and french translations
  • Added italian translation


  • Initial release
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