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A full-featured Python API for's AIM, CIM, ARB and Reporting APIs.

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Py-Authorize is a full-featured Python API for the payment gateway. offers great payment processing capabilities with a terribly incoherent API. Py-Authorize attempts to alleviate many of the problems programmers might experience with’s’API by providing a cleaner, simpler and much more coherent API.

Py-Authorize supports most all of the’s API functionality including:

  • Advanced Integration Method (AIM)
  • Customer Integration Manager (CIM)
  • Transaction Detail API/Reporting
  • Automated Recurring Billing API (ARB)

Here is a simple example of a basic credit card transaction.

import authorize


result ={
    'amount': 40.00,
    'credit_card': {
        'card_number': '4111111111111111',
        'expiration_date': '04/2014',
        'card_code': '343',

# e.g. '2194343352'


Please visit the Github Page for full documentation.


Py-Authorize is distributed under the MIT license.


All bug reports, new feature requests and pull requests are handled through this project’s Github issues page.

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