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PyBabel-json 0.2.0

PyBabel json gettext strings extractor

Release notes

  • 0.2.0 - Added Python 3 support.
  • 0.1.0 - Initial release.


pip install pybabel-json


Add [json: path/**.json] to babel.cfg


  • Uses javascript lexer built in into babel, so no dependencies but babel itself

Key features:

  • Two JSON formats supported: plain string and custom gettext_string format
  • Keys are usually ignored, the only exception are objects with “type”:”gettext_string”
  • Keys are mainly used for logical separation of lists of values that should be translated
  • Lists also supported, both in plain strings and gettext_string format
                "key1":"Some key to translate",
                "key2":"Another key to translate",
                "key3":"Repeating key to translate",
                "key4":"Repeating key to translate"
        "content":"Singular string",
        "alt_content":"Plural string"
        "content":"Another singular string",
        "alt_content":"Another plural string"
            "type" : "gettext_string",
            "funcname" : "ngettext",
            "content" : "list_string 1",
            "alt_content" : "plural list_string1"
            "type" : "gettext_string",
            "funcname" : "ngettext",
            "content" : "list_string 2",
            "alt_content" : "plural list_string2"
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