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PyBullet 0.1.0

Python PushBullet's Interface.

PyBullet provide a Python interface to PushBullet’s API but also a script to interact with it bullet.

Python Module

Add PushBullet easilly to your Python script. Just instantiate a new PyBullet Object with your API_KEY as first and only arugment:

#!/usr/bin/env python
from PyBullet import PyBullet

# Create PyBullet Objext
bullet = PyBullet(API_KEY)
# Get Devie List
# Oush to one of them
bullet.push(DEVICE, "note", "PyBullet Rocks", "")

CLI Interface

Use PyBullet in your terminal, just use bullet:


# At first launch bullet will ask you for your API_KEY and will store it in a Python Shelve
$ bullet -h
No API Key stored, please enter your API Key to use this script.
You can get it @
API Key:
usage: bullet [-h] <command> ...

PushBullet CLI Interface.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit

  <command>   bullet subcommands
    devices   get devices list
    types     get push types
    push      push to a device
    api       manage your api key
# Get your device list by doing
$ bullet devices
# Push to one of it
$ bullet push DEVICE note "PyBullet Rocks" ""


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